Bond Hearings/Reductions

When hiring the Law Office of Corey Cohen you are getting Attorneys with over 33 years combined experience in the Criminal Justice System. You get a team of highly trained Trial attorneys who have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our Attorneys have tried over 50 murder trials and 200 Jury Trials. There is no case too big or too small. We treat every case with the same passion and aggressiveness with our only goal being to win for you.

The longer people stay in jail, the more likely they may say something incriminating. Many people admit guilt simply because they believe they will get out of jail faster. The problem is that they usually do not get out of jail, because they do not have the benefit of a lawyer to help them defend against receiving the maximum consequence of a guilty plea.

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How Can a Lawyer Help at the Bond Hearing?

With a credible, skilled lawyer at your bond hearing, the judge generally takes your bond request more seriously. Since you are paying an attorney, it is assumed that you are not as likely to flee.

An attorney can often compel the judge to reduce a high bond or to release you on your own recognizance. Your attorney can gather testimony that will demonstrate the unlikelihood of you fleeing the state.

Without a lawyer to request a bond motion for you, you will be waiting until the public defender gets to your case. Rather than waiting a few days, you could be waiting up to a few months in jail, simply for a bond hearing.

Was Your Arrest Due to Probation Violation?

We can usually resolve most probation violations at a bond hearing. We can call on witnesses, including family, friends and employers, to detail your contributions to the community and to your family. Attorney Corey I. Cohen can present a compelling argument regarding the circumstances of your probation violation and why you should be given a second chance.

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