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When hiring the Law Office of Corey Cohen you are getting Attorneys with over 33 years combined experience in the Criminal Justice System. You get a team of highly trained Trial attorneys who have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our Attorneys have tried over 50 murder trials and 200 Jury Trials. There is no case too big or too small. We treat every case with the same passion and aggressiveness with our only goal being to win for you.

If you have been arrested on domestic violence charges, early intervention from a criminal defense lawyer can make the difference in how your case proceeds.

Our law firm is headed by Corey I. Cohen, a former prosecutor with the Florida State Attorney's Office. Mr. Cohen knows the criminal justice system from the inside out, and his experience as a prosecutor helps our firm build a best possible defense for each client.

Handling the Complexities of Battery Defense Law in Florida

From your perspective, the legalities of your case may see somewhat simple. Numerous complex processes and options, however, will arise during the defense of your case. We can help. For instance:

  • Removing no-contact bond conditions. In domestic violence cases, one common condition of making bail is the requirement that the defendant has no contact with the alleged victim. Usually, this means that you can't return home or try for reconciliation. If you violate the conditions of the bond, then you can be arrested again and placed on a no-bond hold. We have an excellent record of success getting those conditions removed so that you can make bail and get out of jail without having to stay away from your home or your spouse. The sooner you hire us the better chance we have of negotiating a bond agreement that does not include a no-contact restriction.
  • Declination of prosecution. In many cases, domestic violence arrests happen when an argument at home gets out of hand. One person calls the police but may later regret that action. If you and your spouse want to reconcile, and if your spouse wants to drop the domestic violence charges, we can work to negotiate a "declination of prosecution" with the prosecutor's office.

We Will Aggressively Defend You Against Your Domestic Violence Charges

The argument that led to the criminal charge of domestic battery or domestic assault may not seem like it was a very big deal, but the potential criminal penalties for a domestic violence conviction can be extremely serious.

At the very minimum, conviction for a domestic violence crime requires the defendant to attend a 26-week anger management class as part of satisfying probation requirements. These courses are expensive and time-consuming. Even a first-time domestic violence conviction may also carry mandatory jail time.

You need a strong defense following a domestic violence charge. For more information and to schedule a no-charge consultation, please contact our office.

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