Illegal Search and Seizure in Orlando

An arrest does not mean a conviction is automatic. The events during an investigation that leads to an arrest require a thorough investigation from an experienced attorney. Protecting the rights of our clients comes first, specifically the rights involving unreasonable search and seizure.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, we represent clients throughout Orange County and Seminole County who have been victimized by illegal searches that resulted in an arrest on suspicion of theft, illegal drug possession or fraud. An experienced attorney who is also a former prosecutor getting to the facts could affect the outcome of the case. Corey I. Cohen — the founder of our firm — possesses unique experience from serving on the prosecution side of the courtroom.

Orlando Illegal Search Warrant Defense

When law enforcement officers conduct a search, secure evidence or make an arrest without a warrant or probable cause, evidence may be suppressed. They need to go beyond suspicion. They need something more tangible than a "hunch" that a crime was being committed. Regardless of the strength of the evidence or the case itself, illegal searches and seizures could result in the charges against you being dropped.

Violations of your Fourth Amendment rights can undo the work done by police and prosecutors. Not taking the proper steps in obtaining a search warrant can destroy their case.

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