Drug Possession/Sales

When hiring the Law Office of Corey Cohen you are getting Attorneys with over 33 years combined experience in the Criminal Justice System. You get a team of highly trained Trial attorneys who have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our Attorneys have tried over 50 murder trials and 200 Jury Trials. There is no case too big or too small. We treat every case with the same passion and aggressiveness with our only goal being to win for you.

Whether you are (or were) in Florida as a tourist, a business person or a student or are a resident of Florida, The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen is ready to represent you aggressively if you have been charged with drug trafficking or any other drug crime.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, we have former state and federal prosecutors who know both sides of the system to help get you the best results. Attorney Cohen is also a member of the federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel for the Middle District of Florida.

Email The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your options if you were arrested on grounds of possessing a large quantity of cocaine, marijuana, meth or even a prescription drug such as oxycodone — and the government says you were trafficking. It is essential to begin your defense while there is still time to work with the prosecutor before conviction and sentencing take place.

Once your drug trafficking case reaches the sentencing phase, the judge will be bound by minimum sentencing guidelines of three years to life in prison. This is why it is critical that you contact an experienced, knowledgeable and proven-effective defense attorney after you have been charged with drug trafficking.

Did the Police Commit Illegal Search and Seizure?

In the early stages of your drug trafficking case, however, there may be an opportunity to negotiate reduced charges or even argue in support of case dismissal. Did police search your home or car without a warrant and without probable cause when they allegedly discovered a controlled substance? Was the credibility of an informant in question? Many clients of The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen have gotten a second chance through attorney Cohen's aggressive defense.

Free Initial Consultation Regarding Drug Trafficking Charges · The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen

We offer a free and confidential initial consultation in all criminal cases, including drug trafficking. If you were charged with a drug crime after police searched your car during a routine traffic stop and found large amounts of cocaine, marijuana or prescription narcotics, we urge you to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen is known for offering high-quality legal services at reasonable rates, and flexible payment plans may be possible. We return phone calls promptly and can be available on evenings and weekends if necessary.

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