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You don't have to watch "The Proposal" to know that immigration fraud is taken seriously by the U.S. government and that penalties following a conviction are harsh. Deportation, fines and a prison sentence are among the severe legal consequences of immigration fraud.

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If you have been accused of immigration fraud in Florida, contact The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen in Orlando. We have handled numerous immigration fraud cases, including cases involving charges of:

  • Providing false information
  • Using a false identity
  • Falsifying documents

Have you been accused of fraud in your pursuit of a work visa, immigration visa, green card, student visa or other immigration privilege? Contact a lawyer with many years of experience in criminal law. Mr. Cohen is also a member of the federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel for the Middle District of Florida.

Call 407-246-0066 or 888-390-8937 to discuss your immigration fraud charges with a lawyer at no charge.

Orlando immigration fraud defense lawyer Corey I. Cohen has a strong reputation throughout central Florida as an experienced, diligent and effective criminal defense attorney. Our firm's successful track record is due largely to Mr. Cohen's comprehensive legal experience: He has worked both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Cohen knows how to build a defense from the beginning that anticipates prosecutors' likely tactics and approaches.

We work closely with clients to ensure that their goals and needs are at the forefront of our strategy throughout the legal process, and we are careful to remain available and to regularly update clients until their case is resolved. For more information, please contact our office.

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