Orlando Racketeering Defense Lawyer

Prosecutors employ aggressive tactics in pursuing racketeering and other organized fraud charges. Their goal is to increase the legal consequences that lead to more serious penalties. You need an experienced and insightful attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights and minimizing the potential decades-long prison sentence you may face.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, our founder brings a comprehensive background in handling complex criminal matters coupled with insight as a former state prosecutor. He knows how the opposing side builds cases against Florida residents charged with racketeering. Mr. Cohen is also a member of the federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel for the Middle District of Florida.

Orlando Racketeering Defense Lawyer

A state racketeering conviction in Florida could result in a 30-year prison sentence. Charges at the federal level are just as severe. Government agents work hard to link criminal actions that often involve the following to establish an overall enterprise or organization:

At your initial meeting with Corey I. Cohen, he will educate you on the legal process, including the challenges you face. He will remain at your side through every step of that process, protecting your rights, getting to the facts and countering the racketeering charges that prosecutors diligently pursue.

During your initial consultation, our founder will educate you on the legal process you face. Protection of your rights is paramount when your future is at stake. A criminal record that cannot be expunged will follow you to every job opportunity.

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