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Having your name on a sex offender registry is akin to a life sentence. While established to protect children, the modern-day "Scarlet Letter" has become problematic due to the emotionally charged nature of sex crimes. At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, we understand that being a registered sex offender limits a once-promising future. Our job is to get to the facts of a sex crimes accusation and conviction.

Criminal defense attorney Corey I. Cohen established his law firm after serving as a state prosecutor. He brings that insight into the handling of complicated criminal cases that could result in life-changing penalties. While any criminal conviction can impact a job or academic pursuit, sex offender registration limits opportunities for a lifetime.

Even a Minor Criminal Conviction Can Mean Registration as a Sex Offender

Even if the sexual act was consensual or the offense was minor, sex offender registration is often mandated. The registries distinguish levels of severity involving sex crimes, but inclusion on that list will limit residence, work and travel opportunities.

Do not wait for a conviction to occur, and do not be quick to plead guilty, thinking that the problem will merely "go away." Notification of an investigation or arrest on suspicion of a sex crime requires immediate legal representation. Your rights need protection and the facts need to be brought to the attention of the courts. You do not have to suffer a lifetime sentence from misunderstandings or wrongful accusations.

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