Fighting Marijuana Grow House Charges

Have you been charged with operating a marijuana grow house or with drug trafficking or armed trafficking? Contact the Orlando law firm of The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen. We have handled hundreds of drug-related cases, and attorney Corey I. Cohen has extensive legal experience as a criminal defense lawyer, former public defender and former prosecutor.

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Enhancements To The Original Charge

Operating a marijuana grow house can lead to serious legal consequences as a stand-alone charge. Drug cultivation and drug manufacture charges, however, are often enhanced by additional charges:

  • Once drugs are sold, the cultivators can face state or federal charges of drug trafficking.
  • If a gun is found on the premises of a marijuana grow house, the house's operator can be charged with armed trafficking.

Choose A Lawyer Featured In The Media

Marijuana grow house charges often follow a tip from a neighbor, suspicious electric bills or from grow house equipment. We can investigate the handling of your case and work to assemble an effective defense. Did police use a valid warrant when searching you, your vehicle or your property? Was the person who tipped off police reliable? If you are arrested on suspicion of growing pot, call attorney Corey Cohen.

Attorney Cohen has a long track record of success defending alleged drug offenders, and his effectiveness in criminal defense is illustrated by his appearances on ABC, "Inside Edition" and My Fox Orlando news programs. To schedule a no-charge consultation with an experienced Orlando marijuana grow house defense lawyer, please contact our office.

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