Violation of Community Control

If you find yourself or a loved one in violation of community control please call our office immediately.

We offer a very reasonable fee for these cases.

Once hired the lawyer will go to the jail to visit the client and listen to his/her side of the story. We will then prepare a bond motion and start working on an aggressive defense in preparation of a hearing.

We Argue for a Bond While the Charges Are Pending

Our first job, as a defense attorney for someone accused of a community control violation, is to file a bond motion to get our client released pending the hearing on the community control violation.

We Work Up a Defense to the Community Control Violation Charge

After the bond hearing, we conduct an independent investigation — examining police reports and interviewing witnesses to help build a defense to the charge of community control violation.

• Was the violation willful?

• If our client failed a urinalysis or drug screen, was the testing equipment in proper working order?

• Did our client have a reasonable excuse for failing to report to a probation officer or for changing residences without approval?

• If the violation charges our client with failing to pay fines or restitution, is our client under financial hardship but making a good faith attempt?

There are many defenses to a violation of Community Control, please call Attorney Corey Cohen for a free case analysis by phone or in the office.