Charged With Hate Crimes Near Orlando?

Hate crimes involve criminal acts targeted at an individual or group based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, political affiliation, disability, nationality or sexual orientation. Regardless of the crime alleged, adding the allegation of a hate crime increases its severity. In addition, the charges often become high-profile cases with extensive coverage in local media outlets.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, we understand that the court of public opinion is all too quick to issue guilty verdicts. We will respond to the challenges you face with dedication and diligence in getting to the facts. We will provide aggressive representation and protect your rights, specifically the right to your innocence until proven guilty.

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Attorney Corey I. Cohen — the founder of our Florida law firm — combines his experience as a successful criminal defense lawyer with a background as a former prosecutor. Hate crimes carry severe criminal penalties and a strike on your criminal record. You could face fines and prison, along with probation, mandatory counseling and restitution to the victim or victims.

Physical harm is not required for a hate crime arrest to occur. Criminal acts that do involve violence that leads to murder could result in the death penalty for those convicted. With a future and possibly life at stake, you need an attorney who will not shy away from trial and will pursue the best outcome in court.

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