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August 2015 Archives

Hardship license can ease the stress of license suspension

Let's face it, receiving a DUI charge is bad enough. The hassle, humiliation and fines are difficult enough to handle without facing the next 12 to 18 months of no driving. If you are like so many other Florida residents, chances are your family depends on you for income, and you rely on your car to get you where you need to go to make it. Looking at an extended period without a license can impact your ability to provide for your family, and may even give your employer a reason to send you packing. So what can you do? You can get a temporary hardship license.

Can the Breathalyzer reading be wrong?

When stopped for suspicion of a DUI, the main fear of the driver is usually, the Breathalyzer. Who truly knows what, if anything other than alcohol can affect the reading? Aside from that, who knows if even one drink, depending on your biology, can seal your fate? So the question remains, can the Breathalyzer be wrong, or at the very least, challenged?

Falling behind on child support could cost you your license

Throughout Florida and, indeed, the United States as a whole, many individuals rely heavily on their driver's license. However, if you commit a driving offense, there is a chance that your license could be revoked or suspended. For some families, this can be devastating as there may only be one person in the household who is legally allowed to drive. As such, the loss of that one license limits the entire family's activities and freedom.

Urine test for alcohol

Pretty much every adult understands that driving while intoxicated is, not only against the law, but just a bad idea. What most adults probably don't understand, is that there are more ways now than ever before to find out just who is misbehaving. Although there are two pretty standard tests for detecting the presence of alcohol in a driver, blood and breath, there is another, much less used way to detect the past presence of alcohol in the body.

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