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March 2016 Archives

Your life may be on hold after a license suspension

A DUI charge, with or without a conviction, can impact your life in many different ways. Most people understand the effects these charges can have on an individual's life, job and finances. However, few people truly understand the effects they may have on one's emotional and mental well-being. Even without a DUI conviction, losing the right to drive can, and usually does, impact every facet of your life.

Sheriff refuses sobriety test and faces DUI

Many DUI defense attorneys will warn individuals who are stopped on suspicion of DUI against providing a field sobriety or breath test. They typically do this because it is easier for them to defend against the charge of DUI when there is not a field sobriety test or breath test looming over their client. Even though this is a common suggestion, in practice, many individuals find it very difficult. It is our right to refuse, yet some people still don't exercise this right for fear of what the arresting officer will say. Fortunately, it may get a little easier for some individuals in Florida after reading about a Sheriff Deputy's recent arrest.

Does A Controversial Flier Correctly State The Law For DUI Stops?

Our firm regularly advised clients regarding their rights when it comes to DUI stops. For that reason, people regularly turn to our firm for guidance on many of the ideas floating around the internet about DUI stops. In one case, however, good old-fashioned print media is at issue.

Can I receive a DUI the morning after drinking?

It has happened. There have been cases of individuals receiving a DUI for driving the morning after ingesting alcohol. For individuals that think a good night sleep can take care of their intoxication, know this: sleep may help you feel sober but does little for your blood alcohol level.

Boaters beware, Florida BUI laws

Every licensed driver knows and understands DUI laws. If you drink and drive, you could face serious fines, penalties and jail time. What many licensed drivers do not know is that Florida has drunk driving laws for boaters as well.

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