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April 2016 Archives

Is the penalty for a refusal worse for a second offense?

During a traffic stop, drivers under suspicion of intoxication may be so nervous that they forget their basic rights. Fortunately, part of the officer's spiel should be informing drivers of the penalty they may face for refusing a breath test. While the threat of license suspension may be a terrifying thought, it should serve as a reminder that everyone has the right to refuse chemical testing.

Receiving an aggravated DUI charge

Receiving a DUI can be an embarrassing, complicated and frustrating experience. However, some circumstances may result in a DUI charge of greater severity known as an aggravated charge. While the normal DUI charge typically carries heavy penalties, an aggravated DUI charge can augment the penalties associated with it to make them much harsher. Understanding the factors that can push a DUI charge into the aggravated category may help you avoid these serious charges in the future.

Will Florida be the next 'Ban the Box' policy state?

Having a criminal history, with or without conviction, is actually pretty common. Many times, individuals that have a relatively minor criminal history opt to have their record expunged or sealed to prevent it from impacting aspects of their life such as their employment, lending ability and reputation. While expungement is a valid option for many, it is an option that often goes overlooked. Fortunately for those that have overlooked expungement, Florida is now considering a 'Ban the Box' policy.

What should I expect if I refuse a Breathalyzer?

No matter what it's for, being pulled over by an officer is stressful and scary. It may be even more so if you have been drinking. Fortunately, even if pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you have rights. Understanding your rights and knowing what to expect after an arrest or refusal can be valuable information and may even be able to help you in the long run.

DUI not as straightforward as you thought

The concept of a DUI charge is relatively easy to understand. Driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher is against the law and may result in a DUI charge. However, alcohol does not affect everyone the same and many factors should be considered when determining an individual's intoxication. These aspects and others can be used to help defend against a DUI charge.

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