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June 2016 Archives

Expungement for your DUI

You may not understand fully what an expungement is. Perhaps because, in different states, the ability to expunge something from your record is determined through varying qualifiers and can mean different things in different places. In Florida, the ability to expunge a charge is extremely limited and it still doesn't completely keep it private.

Prepare your loved ones for a DUI

If you have a couple of drinks and feel okay to drive, chances are, you may still blow at or above the legal limit if you are detained by a police officer. The difficult thing about the legal system and its penalties is that it can make it very challenging to get back up once you have fallen down. Even if it was a figuratively minor fall, suddenly there is an amazing amount of pressure preventing you from standing steadily again.

The 5 types of blood alcohol tests

There are cars and there are cars at bars. After all, most bars have parking lots. Most patrons of bars imbibe. Police who need to increase their arrests for the month could do so easily by sitting outside of a bar and waiting for those who think they are perfectly capable of getting home, and take them on a detour to a holding cell beforehand. Do officers do that? Some might, but many rely on specific tells that give them reason to suspect a driver is impaired.

Can my car be searched if I am pulled over for a DUI?

When any member of law enforcement pulls you over under the suspicion that you might be operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may worry that the officer will want to search the contents of your car.

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