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July 2016 Archives

Will my  insurance know I got a DUI?

Drunk-driving related charges come with serious consequences. While most cases are not felonies, many convictions have the potential to haunt you for a number of years and cost you in lost opportunities. But do they cost you in other ways? For instance, will insurance rates go up and how will insurance even know you have this on your record if they are not routinely running your license?

U.S. Supreme Court Permits Warrantless Breathalyzer Tests

Late in June, the Supreme Court established new legal parameters for testing the blood alcohol content (BAC) of persons suspected of drunk driving. Namely, they ruled that individuals may refuse warrantless blood tests and suffer no punishment, but that the refusal of a warrantless breathalyzer test can land one in jail.

Waiting to exhale

Getting pulled over for suspicion of DUI is frightening. If you haven't had a single drop of alcohol, you may be safe to agree to a Blood Alcohol Content test. Then again, you may not. This is why, even though you may be treated as if you have just admitted guilt and you may feel as if you are admitting guilt, it makes good sense to refuse a BAC breath test. You can better understand why when you better understand how a Breathalyzer works in the first place.

Miami Football Star Involved In 'Oddest DUI Case'

After he was charged with a DUI in late April, the Miami Hurricanes suspended their running back, Mark Walton, indefinitely. This came as something of an unwelcome shock to the program and its fans, as Walton had led the team in touchdowns during the previous season.

A representation of yourself

With new legislation comes new DUI laws and changes to existing DUI laws. However, judges and prosecutors are less likely to change and often. Hopefully, though, your attorney has worked with the majority of them. When you hire an attorney, you should use the same consideration you would when presenting  yourself and making a first impression to people. Because, when you think of the word "representation," that is exactly what your attorney will be for you. The firm you hire and the attorney who stands up in court for you are a representation of you, presenting your side and with a character that reflects upon you. The court doesn't know you, but they may know your attorney and if they don't, they will get to know him or her as your representation.

Florida personal injury attorney refuses breath test

It is a common enough offense that many people will allege to have been guilty of at some point, whether they ever faced charges or not. With alcohol being such a common part of our society's celebration, the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol is simply something many of us have done. However, there are unfortunate incidents where someone's drinking is blamed for an accident, whether it was a contributing factor or not.

Understanding your charge

When you are charged with an offense, it might be a bit confusing to fully understand what the offense is, much less, what the penalty might be if you are found guilty. When it comes to driving-related offenses involving alcohol consumption, you may have heard of a DUI and DUBAL. But what is the difference between the two and which is worse?

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