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Drivers License Suspension and Revocation Archives

Multiple functions let ignition interlock devices monitor drivers

If you should have the misfortune of being charged with driving under the influence, your whole life could be turned upside down. Even a single charge could result in a loss of your driving privileges. But if you should be arrested multiple times within a certain time frame, you will be facing a number of possible penalties that include a license suspension.

What if I need to drive for work?

When you receive your first-ever driving under the influence charge in Florida, you are going to have a lot of questions. Some of the most intrinsic to carrying on your daily routine revolve around what will happen to your license. This is a major concern, as public transit and ride-sharing may only be tolerable for a short period of time before greater changes may become necessary in order to make your situation work.

Will my  insurance know I got a DUI?

Drunk-driving related charges come with serious consequences. While most cases are not felonies, many convictions have the potential to haunt you for a number of years and cost you in lost opportunities. But do they cost you in other ways? For instance, will insurance rates go up and how will insurance even know you have this on your record if they are not routinely running your license?

Understanding your charge

When you are charged with an offense, it might be a bit confusing to fully understand what the offense is, much less, what the penalty might be if you are found guilty. When it comes to driving-related offenses involving alcohol consumption, you may have heard of a DUI and DUBAL. But what is the difference between the two and which is worse?

Prepare your loved ones for a DUI

If you have a couple of drinks and feel okay to drive, chances are, you may still blow at or above the legal limit if you are detained by a police officer. The difficult thing about the legal system and its penalties is that it can make it very challenging to get back up once you have fallen down. Even if it was a figuratively minor fall, suddenly there is an amazing amount of pressure preventing you from standing steadily again.

Can my car be searched if I am pulled over for a DUI?

When any member of law enforcement pulls you over under the suspicion that you might be operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may worry that the officer will want to search the contents of your car.

The real cost of a suspended driver's license

It should come as no surprise that the initial cost associated with a suspended driver's license can be substantial. However, when considering the big picture, the actual cost may be quite a bit more than you are prepared to handle.

Your life may be on hold after a license suspension

A DUI charge, with or without a conviction, can impact your life in many different ways. Most people understand the effects these charges can have on an individual's life, job and finances. However, few people truly understand the effects they may have on one's emotional and mental well-being. Even without a DUI conviction, losing the right to drive can, and usually does, impact every facet of your life.

Boaters beware, Florida BUI laws

Every licensed driver knows and understands DUI laws. If you drink and drive, you could face serious fines, penalties and jail time. What many licensed drivers do not know is that Florida has drunk driving laws for boaters as well.

Getting a hardship license after a DUI: 3 things you should know

One of the hardest aspects of a DUI arrest is its impact on your driver's license. Losing your license may be more than just an inconvenience. It can also sidetrack your job, education and ability to care for your family. And given the harsh consequences of driving without a license, ignoring the law and getting behind the wheel anyway is not a smart decision.

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