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DUI Expungement Archives

An arrest record expungement could improve your job opportunities

Florida's job market can be very competitive. And even if you have spent years in school or on the job acquiring your work credentials, there will always be others who have equally impressive resumes. So when an employer is considering which candidates to interview or hire, the decision could turn on a single item in a background check; a criminal record.

Cleaning a record of criminal charges

Did you know it has been estimated that every year 1 in every 135 people will be arrested for driving under the influence? And without sealing or an expungement, your record could reflect this criminal conviction for three-quarters of a century. Few, if any, people are driving before their teenage years, so that essentially means that your record will reflect a mistake for the rest of your life.

A representation of yourself

With new legislation comes new DUI laws and changes to existing DUI laws. However, judges and prosecutors are less likely to change and often. Hopefully, though, your attorney has worked with the majority of them. When you hire an attorney, you should use the same consideration you would when presenting  yourself and making a first impression to people. Because, when you think of the word "representation," that is exactly what your attorney will be for you. The firm you hire and the attorney who stands up in court for you are a representation of you, presenting your side and with a character that reflects upon you. The court doesn't know you, but they may know your attorney and if they don't, they will get to know him or her as your representation.

Expungement for your DUI

You may not understand fully what an expungement is. Perhaps because, in different states, the ability to expunge something from your record is determined through varying qualifiers and can mean different things in different places. In Florida, the ability to expunge a charge is extremely limited and it still doesn't completely keep it private.

What are the legal effects of an expungement?

We all make mistakes and no one is without faults. We know this to be true and yet the justice system seeks to penalize those who are caught making a mistake in order to teach a lesson and minimize future mistakes. But sometimes, part of the challenge of learning a lesson is that it doesn't end there and you aren't given a clean slate to begin again. Having a criminal conviction or even an arrest on your record can be extremely detrimental to your future, and if you think about it, it is easier to do what's right when things are going well than it is when it feels like the world is out to get you.

Will Florida be the next 'Ban the Box' policy state?

Having a criminal history, with or without conviction, is actually pretty common. Many times, individuals that have a relatively minor criminal history opt to have their record expunged or sealed to prevent it from impacting aspects of their life such as their employment, lending ability and reputation. While expungement is a valid option for many, it is an option that often goes overlooked. Fortunately for those that have overlooked expungement, Florida is now considering a 'Ban the Box' policy.

Avoid frustration later by having your record expunged

Despite what many people believe, having a criminal record expunged is not a simple process.  Sealing or expunging an arrest record can be both frustrating and difficult. Unfortunately, it is one of the best ways for individuals to avoid the negative impact a criminal record can have on employment, loans and housing. The good news is that the process of record expungement can be made considerably easier by an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Why you should consider expungement

Anyone who has received a DUI understands firsthand just how big of an impact a DUI charge can have on your future. Putting aside the embarrassment, fines and jail time, a DUI charge and conviction can cast a negative shadow on every area of an your personal and professional life. To limit or reduce this negative impact, individuals facing these adverse effects may want to consider speaking to an attorney about DUI expungement.

Mental illness and DUI

When an officer suspects a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can pull them over on suspicion of DUI. Many times it is drugs or alcohol that is responsible for an individuals erratic or dangerous driving. However, occasionally other underlying reasons may be to blame for a driver's recklessness. When this happens, it is our hope that officers and other authorities are prepared and trained to handle whatever the cause may be. Aside from simply arresting an individual for intoxicated driving, authorities should be able to recognize the warning signs of mental illness.

Why is getting a charge expunged so important in Florida?

If you're like a lot of our Florida readers, then you might have a conviction on your criminal record that you'd rather soon forget. Perhaps you received in when you were younger and didn't know any better. Or maybe it's a misdemeanor you paid for long ago and don't want to continuing paying for the rest of your life.

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