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Don't wait; request a driver's license hearing ASAP after a Florida DUI arrest

One thing that most people don't understand about DUI arrests in Florida is that they result in two sets of legal proceedings: the criminal proceedings and the driver's license proceedings. Today let's discuss the part that relates to your driver's license.

NFL Player Found Not Guilty Of DUI

In a DUI case dating back to 2012, Detriot Lions player Nick Fairley was found not guilty. The case took more than two years to reach trial but ended up lasting less than three days between jury selection, both arguments, and the jury's deliberations. The jury in Mobile County, Alabama, felt Fairley was not guilty.

After drinking you must have DUI awareness

What exactly is "DUI awareness"? You hear people who have had one too many drinks talk in terms such as "body weight" or "alcohol tolerance". In their everyday life they think they can have complete control over how much they drink and how it truly affects them. But when you are pulled over by the police that "DUI awareness" doesn't do you any good.

Understanding the importance of DUI expungement, sealed records

Having any type of criminal record can spawn future difficulties. Namely, a person with a mark on his or her record may have trouble becoming employed or renting property. The unfortunate reality is that even an arrest without a conviction can taint a person's record.

DUI investigation

A story involving the police, and the lack of a DUI test, has lead to some serious questions being asked about a car accident that took place last month.

DUI not the end of your driving life

I would say a large percentage of us have had one too many to drink at some point in our lives. The wise thing to do is never get behind the wheel of a car when you are intoxicated, and instead hand off the keys to a trusted family member or friend. Sounds easy, right? Then why are there so many DUIs?

Orange County law enforcement releases underage DUI data

Young people are under a tremendous amount of pressure to fit in. Not only that, but youth often lack the sound judgment that comes from life experience. The unfortunate reality is that a singular youthful mistake can have a lifetime of consequences.

DUI manslaughter charges

When you have one too many and decide to go behind the wheel, you can easily take a life no matter how well you think you can handle your alcohol. 

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