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Arrested while on vacation

It's probably the last thing you would think about while on vacation, but you would be surprised at the number of people each year arrested while on vacation. Getting arrested on vacation might be one of the scariest legal troubles you could ever face. It's bad enough to be arrested in your hometown, but imagine being far away and incarcerated!

What Cops Are Looking For This Halloween

What are cops looking for this Halloween? It isn't candy. It's isn't your unique Halloween costume. Like some holidays or events such as St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo, Halloween is a perfect time for law enforcement to crack down on crimes like DUIs. Halloween has become more of an adult themed day and night, rather than as it was originally geared for children. Whether adults are house party hopping, or taking their candy and sexy costumes to bars and clubs downtown, the police will be stalking them like Freddie or Jason behind the bushes.

Police confessions

How many cop shows have you seen where the suspect says "I'm not saying another word until my attorney gets here!"? Who would have thought that TV gets some part of the law correct. 

Social Media Leads To Murder

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter sometimes cause more harm than good. They lead to bullying, affairs and even murder. In this case, Facebook "poking" led to a murder across the pond. A man in England killed his friend after finding out he 'poked' his girlfriend on Facebook. The man has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Shooting suspect held without bond

Over in Seminole County, FL, a judge has ordered a man accused of shooting a 10 year-old boy to be held without bond. The man, Daquan Butts, was involved in an argument with another man while playing basketball, which led to an innocent bystander (the 10 year-old boy) to be shot in the stomach.

Domestic Terrorism Charge

With the trial set to start today for the accused ringleader of a white supremacist group in Central FL, it's important to understand how someone or some organization can be labeled as being a "domestic terrorist" group.

MMA fighter facing life sentence

A domestic abuse conviction can land you with some serious penalties, but nothing quite as severe as what a professional fighter is currently facing. Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as the MMA fighter "War Machine" appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom on yesterday, where he was advised of the whopping 32 total felony charges against him. 

Arrest for underage drinking has serious consequences

While the law has always enforced "underage drinking", since 2011 the state of Florida has certainly toughened up it's stance on this crime. In FL, it's a first degree misdemeanor to allow underage drinking at a bar or even at a house party. This is enforced on the second offense.

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