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Sex Crimes Before Entrapment

When dealing with sex crimes, how can we get more young men to join the police force? If other states adopt Hawaii's "hang loose" attitude when it comes to prostitution stings, you can expect every high school kid wanting to grow up to become an undercover cop.

No sex offender registration for Florida teen who took plea deal

As regular readers of this blog are likely aware, one of the numerous consequences for a sex crime conviction is sex offender registration. This action could prompt some accused individuals in the Orlando area to seek alternative ways of dealing with the sex crime charge other than a trial. Recently one young woman facing a felony sex crime charge did just that. She accepted a deal that keeps her from having to register as a sex offender.

Penalties for Traveling to Meet a Minor

In Florida the crime of Traveling to Meet a Minor for sexual purposes if a felony that is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. In addition to any jail or prison you will also have to register as a sexual offender if you are convicted of this charge. This charge will put someone in a mandatory prison range even if this is your first criminal offense ever.

Solicitation of a minor via internet

Internet solicitation of a minor for sex is a very common sting operation the police are setting up in various social website like craigslist, back page and many others. Many times it is not a minor you are chatting with but an undercover cop. Solicitation via the internet is a crime in itself even if you never follow through with meeting the person. Traveling to meet a minor is a separate crime that occurs when you leave your house to meet this fictitious minor who is actually a police officer.

County Commission Wants to See New Sex Offender Registry Rules

A Florida county recently voted to ask its county attorney to draft new, more restrictive regulations concerning registered sex offenders. While the Lake County attorney will draft ordinances for the commission, she warned them that legal challenges could arise.

Sex Offenders Face Housing Challenges After Release

Many people feel safer because of sex offender registration laws, but few pause to consider that these laws leave convicted sex offenders with little or no housing options. Even if a registered sex offender is able to find a community where he is allowed to live, he is unlikely to find a landlord willing to rent to him. Unless offenders have friends or family members willing to take them in, many find themselves forced to live a transient lifestyle.

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