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Understanding the importance of DUI expungement, sealed records

Having any type of criminal record can spawn future difficulties. Namely, a person with a mark on his or her record may have trouble becoming employed or renting property. The unfortunate reality is that even an arrest without a conviction can taint a person's record.

Exploring the process for DUI expungement in Florida

After going through the process of a trial for driving under the influence, some mark will turn up on an individual's criminal record regardless of the verdict. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, an adult who is acquitted of drunk driving will still have the arrest and charges show up on their permanent record. The only thing that obviously won't appear is a conviction.

How do Florida's DUI laws apply to underage Florida drivers?

It's generally known that law enforcement officers take drunk driving very seriously. However, in Florida, the laws are even more stringent for drivers under the age of 21, the legal age for alcohol consumption. Specifically, younger motorists have an even lower threshold to face certain penalties that drivers that are of a legal age.

Orange County law enforcement releases underage DUI data

Young people are under a tremendous amount of pressure to fit in. Not only that, but youth often lack the sound judgment that comes from life experience. The unfortunate reality is that a singular youthful mistake can have a lifetime of consequences.

Florida man faces DUI charges after hitting FHP vehicle

Being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence can lead to all kinds of problems. Aside from initial worries about convictions and criminal penalties, the arrest alone leaves a mark on your criminal record. In Florida, even if you are cleared of the charges that mark remains and is publicly accessible. For this reason, some people choose to apply for the expungement of such arrests from their records.

DUI mug shot haunts Florida woman years after her arrest

When a person is arrested in Florida for allegedly driving drunk, he or she may endure public shaming whether or not the charges even stand. Orlando news organizations are known to publish the names and mug shots of those who are arrested for crimes before they have a chance to defend themselves. Having this information put out into the public arena can greatly affect a person's career, reputation, and personal life.

Kerry Kennedy talks about how she won her drugged driving case

Whenever a famous person or a public figure here in Florida beats a DUI charge, many people assume that the person got off easy because of his or her status and connections. A number of people have recently jumped to such conclusions about Kerry Kennedy,  who has been found not guilty of drugged driving. As a member of the storied Kennedy family, many have said that she was treated like American royalty in the case.

Florida woman sues over company's use of her DUI mug shot

The repercussions a drunk driving arrest can go far beyond fines and jail time. Your reputation is also at stake, even if the prosecution fails to prove its claims. In fact, under Florida law, even a DUI charge that was dismissed is still accessible to the public and remains on your record. That is, unless you take legal steps to have your arrest record sealed or expunged.

DUI arrest records can result in damage, even absent convictions

All drunk driving arrests are not treated equally under Florida state law. The unique circumstances of each DUI arrest determine how serious the resulting charges will be. There are a number of factors that can automatically result in elevated charges. For example, DUI arrests that follow car accidents or that involve children or drivers with criminal records all lead to higher level charges.

Daughter of Wal-Mart founder has drunk driving arrest expunged

Residents of Orange County are likely aware of the impact a criminal conviction can have on other areas of one's life. These individuals may not be aware however, that a conviction is not the only circumstance under which one's future could be affected. Even just an arrest can have an impact. Individuals who have been arrested could find that the arrest leads to issues with many other aspects of one's life such as:

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