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What is the difference between sealing and expunging?

Depending on what you have experienced or what life has in store for you, you might be thinking about how your criminal record may impact your future plans. If you are concerned with how your past mistakes may come back to haunt your future, you should speak to an attorney about having your record expunged or sealed.

You never know what you're going to get

It's curious how some judges can look at one person and hand them a 15 year sentence for a crime, and a different judge can look at a similar case with the same charges and dish out 40 years behind bars. Why the disparity? For individuals facing a DUI death conviction, the time on lockdown can vary considerably. Looking back on Florida cases, the sentences and their severity seem to follow the forgiveness or lack of by the victim's family members. It seems that for the convicted, time incarcerated may hinge on the victim's family and their ability to forgive.

Can the Breathalyzer reading be wrong?

When stopped for suspicion of a DUI, the main fear of the driver is usually, the Breathalyzer. Who truly knows what, if anything other than alcohol can affect the reading? Aside from that, who knows if even one drink, depending on your biology, can seal your fate? So the question remains, can the Breathalyzer be wrong, or at the very least, challenged?

Do not let a DUI conviction spoil your record

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can have serious repercussions on a person. Aside from the legal penalties one may face, the conviction will be a part of the person's criminal record for life and follow him or her as he or she tries to get a job, applies for credit or even tries to obtain housing. While some criminal convictions can be expunged from a person's record, a DUI conviction in Florida cannot. Essentially, the only way a DUI conviction will not affect your record in Florida is if the conviction never makes it on your record in the first place.

Florida woman faces felony DUI charge

Facing charges of felony DUI can be serious for the person accused. Such charges can include jail time, license revocation and other severe consequences. However, anyone charged with such a crime still has legal rights and options available for his or her defense. One woman in Florida may be considering all options available to her after her recent arrest.

Facing a first-time DUI charge? Get help from a lawyer

Have you ever been out with your friends at a bar and thought you were okay to drive after a couple of drinks? If you have, you're not alone. A lot of people think that they know their tolerance for alcohol, oftentimes believing that they've waited long enough after drinking to be safe to drive or thinking they haven't consumed enough alcohol to be intoxicated.

Fort Lauderdale case shows why you shouldn't drink and drive

To our south, in Broward County, a young woman was sentenced to more than two decades in prison because of the part she played in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two individuals. Some people here in Orange County may remember hearing about the crash on the Sawgrass Expressway on November 21, 2013.

DUI expungement process

In Florida, the process for DUI expungement is long and arduous. If you are convicted of drunk driving, it is a criminal offense. This means that once you are convicted of a DUI, you now have a criminal record that is public knowledge. This can create a major problem throughout your public life. A perfect job, housing, high learning, special permits, and much more could be lost for you over a DUI conviction. 

DUI Expungement process

Being charged with a DUI is about as serious as it gets. You could be looking at heavy fines, probation, loss of your driving privileges, and possibly even serve some jail time. Making matters worse is that a DUI conviction is not expungeable. In the state of Florida, anyone convicted of a crime cannot seal or expunge their record.  This means you could miss out on a dream job, just because that DUI stays on your record. Expungement, sometimes called "expunction," or "sealing a conviction" or "setting aside a criminal conviction," effectively hides the DUI or DWI arrest and/or conviction in the eyes of the law.

How does an officer obtain reasonable suspicion for DUI purposes?

We all make snap judgments about many things. For example, many people may see someone texting on their cellphone while walking down the street, and we may assume that the person is "obsessed with their phone." It's part of who we are as people. We take some basic points of information and form an opinion about the situation we just saw.

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