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Drivers License Suspension and Revocation Archives

Avoid permanent revocation after DUI

Florida DUI laws are tough and only getting tougher. Receiving a DUI charge and conviction in the great state of Florida can lead to hefty fines, severe penalties and a loss of driving privilege. Although these threats are extremely scary, it is possible they can be reduced or eliminated through a good DUI defense. However, when it comes to DUI defense, timing is everything and waiting until you face a third or fourth charge is never a good idea.

Don't wait; request a driver's license hearing ASAP after a Florida DUI arrest

One thing that most people don't understand about DUI arrests in Florida is that they result in two sets of legal proceedings: the criminal proceedings and the driver's license proceedings. Today let's discuss the part that relates to your driver's license.

Can DUI school help reduce charges?

Following a DUI charge, state law requires offenders to attend mandatory alcohol education classes. These DUI schools are designed to assess and treat individuals after a DUI offense. Although these alcohol education courses are mandatory, cooperating with the court regarding attendance and involvement with them may help significantly reduce a DUI charge.

MADD award goes to intoxicated officer

Anyone that has been pulled over by an officer for suspected DUI will likely agree that it is one of the most embarrassing moments in their lifetime. To add insult to injury, some officers involved may even be slightly condescending or perhaps a bit belittling to those they pull over. While it is their job to keep the roads safe, they are human too. If anyone in law enforcement needs a reminder of that fact, they should look no further than Pinellas County where their highest DUI arresting officer recently showed up to a MADD conference noticeably intoxicated.

The actual cost of a DUI in Florida

In Florida, the average fine for a first time DUI offense runs somewhere between $250 and $500 depending on the circumstances. For many people, this doesn't sound too bad. Only $250 if caught being over the legal limit while driving? The fine doesn't come close to the pain of losing your license or the embarrassment of arrest.  However, when you assign a value to all the aspects of the charge including a defense, paying the fines, the auto insurance increase and everything else, the actual cost of your first DUI shoots up to somewhere around $8000.

Emotional impact of losing right to drive

For most American drivers, since receiving your license as a teen, freedom of the open road has been somewhat of a therapeutic calling. Our ability to change our surroundings, relax our minds and relieve stress has always been just a car key away. However, just as with old age, illness or surgery, having our ability to go places taken away from us because of a DUI can have lasting and devastating effect on your mental and emotional well-being.

Hardship license can ease the stress of license suspension

Let's face it, receiving a DUI charge is bad enough. The hassle, humiliation and fines are difficult enough to handle without facing the next 12 to 18 months of no driving. If you are like so many other Florida residents, chances are your family depends on you for income, and you rely on your car to get you where you need to go to make it. Looking at an extended period without a license can impact your ability to provide for your family, and may even give your employer a reason to send you packing. So what can you do? You can get a temporary hardship license.

Falling behind on child support could cost you your license

Throughout Florida and, indeed, the United States as a whole, many individuals rely heavily on their driver's license. However, if you commit a driving offense, there is a chance that your license could be revoked or suspended. For some families, this can be devastating as there may only be one person in the household who is legally allowed to drive. As such, the loss of that one license limits the entire family's activities and freedom.

Enrique Iglesias facing suspended license, obstruction charges

After being stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol last month in Miami-Dade, famed singer Enrique Iglesias now faces charges of driving with a suspended license and obstruction, according to news reports.

Drunk driving: your choice, your consequences

When the Miami Beach Police Department recently unveiled a squad car of theirs that they had repainted, it turned a few heads. That's because the vehicle is painted to make the front half of the vehicle look like a police cruiser and the back half to look like a taxi cab. As some of our readers here in Orlando may have guessed, the car is meant to make people stop and think about the important choice people have after consuming alcohol.

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