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Drivers License Suspension and Revocation Archives

Why talking to a lawyer after a license suspension is a good idea

For a lot of people across Florida, which may include a number of our Orlando readers, their driver's license is perhaps the most important thing in their wallet or purse. That's because a driver's license symbolizes freedom. It allows a person to legally operate a motor vehicle not just in Florida, but in other states across the nation. When a person's license is taken away though, things change drastically.

Driving with a Suspended License

Drivers License Suspension and Revocation. If you are caught driving with a suspended license you could be facing arrest and criminal prosecution. There are two different driving with a suspended license charges with knowledge and without. If it is without knowledge then you will get a ticket that will result in points on your driving record.

Flakka: the synthetic drug that could lead to a DUI

When most people here in Florida hear that a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, they generally assume that the person was under the influence of alcohol. While this can be the case, did you know that intoxication can encompass a number of substances, including drugs or chemicals? If you didn't, then you'll want to read today's post carefully.

Why are 40 percent of DUI charges in Florida dropped or reduced?

A lot of people here in Florida have perceptions about what happens during and after a DUI stop. In a lot of cases, people think that if they are pulled over by the police and are found to have consumed alcohol that they will immediately be arrested and charged with a DUI. These same people may also believe that once charged with a DUI, their life is completely ruined because the charge will stay on their record for a number of years, wreaking havoc on their freedom if they are convicted again.

The driver was drunk, so why am I also facing criminal charges?

If you've ever had a discussion with friends or loved ones regarding drunk driving laws in our state, you've probably also heard a few things that might not necessarily be true. Just like with the myths about sucking on pennies or swishing with mouth wash prior to a Breathalyzer to fool the sensor, there are also some myths about DUIs that we think our Orlando readers should know about.

Underage drinking comes with penalties, tell you kids

If you ask most people what their idea of the most difficult job is, most would answer: being a parent. From the time they are born until the time they reach adulthood, you are responsible for teaching your children valuable life lessons. This can be difficult though when you think about the competition you're up against.

Effects of a drunk driving conviction on a commercial trucker

Quite a bit can be at stake for a commercial truck driver when they are in criminal proceedings regarding drunk driving here in Florida. One such thing is their very livelihood.

Don't touch the wheel as a drunk passenger, you could face a DUI

We hear it from police and on ads for alcohol: find a sober ride. Don't drink and drive. For a lot of us, this message will forever be ingrained in our minds, even when we are intoxicated and considering how we will get ourselves home. For those who have heard the warnings, they may ask a friend who they believe to be sober to drive them home. This is the responsible thing to do, right?

Special considerations relating to Florida underage DUI arrests

Any late-night phone call or knock on the door to Florida parents waiting for their teenage son or daughter to return with the family car at the end of a night out can be tense.

Drivers License Suspension and Revocation

If you are driving with a suspended license you are giving the police probable cause to pull you over even if you do not commit any traffic infractions.   Drivers License suspension and revocation allows cops to run your license plate to see if you have any warrants, valid registration and a valid license.  If they see that the registered owner of the vehicle has a suspended license and you look similar to the owner of the vehicle they can pull you over.  

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