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Drug related DUI is tough to prove

Most every American driver has heard of a Breathalyzer test. It is a test used to measure the blood alcohol content of a driver suspected of being under the influence. However, the term under the influence can mean being impaired due to alcohol or drugs. Any substance, even over-the-counter medications that impair a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle can contribute to a DUI charge.

Avoid proving DUI through social media

The last thing anyone needs when facing a DUI charge is absolute proof of their intoxication. Even a breath test reading can be argued. One thing that can't is your admittance to being drunk. A recent story of a Florida woman live-streaming her drunken driving struggles on Periscope shows other drivers exactly what not to do when behind the wheel.

Breathing and biology matter in breath test

Ask enough people if a breath test can be beat and you'll likely have enough ideas, myths and stories to write your own how-to book. Even for people that seldom drink, it's a hot topic. While there are many online resources for what may and may not work to beat a breath test, very few of them are accurate. So minus all the buzz, can you actually beat a breath test?

Public may take DUI cue from judges

As part of a good defense, many criminal defense attorneys ask that their clients refuse BAC tests when stopped for a possible DUI. This advice has caught a lot of heat from the public and law enforcement citing that it is a costly way to get drunk drivers off of their charges. However, an article published in the Sun Sentinel shows that not only is it good advice to refuse BAC tests, it is such good advice that even judges are taking it.

BAC margin of error 50 percent

For the last several decades, the Breathalyzer test has been the go-to judge of intoxication for suspected drunk drivers. Generally more common than blood or urine tests, the Breathalyzer and the BAC reading it produces have been enough to charge thousands of drivers with DUI. Considering the fact that BAC readings have been considered irrefutable evidence of driving while intoxicated, some may be surprised to find out they never should be.

Urine test for alcohol

Pretty much every adult understands that driving while intoxicated is, not only against the law, but just a bad idea. What most adults probably don't understand, is that there are more ways now than ever before to find out just who is misbehaving. Although there are two pretty standard tests for detecting the presence of alcohol in a driver, blood and breath, there is another, much less used way to detect the past presence of alcohol in the body.

Woman stopped for driving the wrong way, refuses blood test

A 54-year-old woman from Tampa was stopped by a sheriff's deputy on Interstate 4 for wrong-way driving. She is now facing several charges, including felony DUI, related to the incident that happened early in the morning July 15.

A good DUI defense is important

Being arrested for driving while drunk or impaired can be scary, and those who have experienced such an arrest may likely think their lives of freedom are over. However, it is important to remember that being charged with a crime does not automatically mean that you will be convicted of the crime. Everyone, regardless of the nature of the crime they may have committed, is innocent in the eyes of the law until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and all people have a right to a trial to fight any charges against them.

Why you need an attorney if you have been arrested

Drunk driving is a serious issue. Individuals arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol may feel scared or nervous about the consequences they may face. Even if you plan to plead guilty to the charges, it is still important to talk to an attorney first. 

Don't trust your math! You might actually be over the legal limit

If you're someone who has been drinking for a number of years, then you likely know how alcohol affects you in different situations. You probably notice that you feel far drunker after you've consumed alcohol on an empty stomach versus after having eaten a large meal. You may also notice that if you stretch out your alcohol consumption, you feel less inebriated than if you consume alcohol quickly.

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