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Refusing a breath test: protects your rights, not your license

We'd like to start off today's post with a question for our readers to consider: how great is your understanding of driving laws in our state? If you're like a lot of people, you probably have a relatively good understanding of the laws because you've been driving for awhile. But is the sentiment the same when it comes to all aspects of driving?

Breath Test Refusal

Breath Test Refusal and what does that mean? If you are arrested for a DUI in Central Florida you are taken to the jail where a sample of your breath is requested to determine the alcohol levels. You do not have to take this test which would be considered a refusal.

What happens if I refuse a breath test in Florida?

Most people here in Florida actively try to follow the law because they know that if they break it, they could face serious legal consequences that could lead to fines and even time in jail. With some criminal offenses, a past charge could have a significant impact on future charges, resulting in even steeper fines and even longer prison sentences.

Assistant city attorney in St. Pete accused DUI and test-refusal

Any DUI offense is a significant charge. Being accused of driving under the influence is more than a glorified traffic ticket. A conviction for drunk driving is entered on your driving record and can be used to enhance future charges. In Florida, prosecutors will likely pursue a felony DUI charge is a driver arrested for drunk driver has two prior DUI convictions on his or her record in the prior decade. Conviction is an operative word in this situation.

Can you refuse a breath test in the state of Florida?

One of the most important rights afforded to Americans by the constitution is the protection against illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement officers. In many cases, police must obtain a warrant before conducting a search.

Florida Republican accused of DUI after refusing breath test

Choosing whether to submit to a breath test or not can be a worrying decision. The results are not always accurate and blowing over the state's legal limit, 0.08 in Florida, can land you with DUI charges. However, breath test refusal can earn you automatic license suspension. Whatever your decision, however, the outcome can be challenged in court if it is not in your favor.

Florida man refuses a breath test after being found unconscious

If you are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be requested to take a breath test. Although this is optional, breath test refusal can lead to the automatic loss of your driving license. However, there are many reasons you might feel unwilling to take a breath test. Such was the case for one man in Florida recently.

Hernando County deputy won't be prosecuted in DUI case

Earlier this week, it was reported that a Hernando County sheriff's deputy who was arrested on drunk driving charges last month won't be prosecuted. The Florida State Attorney's Office said it decided not to proceed with the case due to conflicting witness accounts and a lack of evidence. Many Florida residents may be wondering whether this man received preferential treatment because he is a law enforcement officer.

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