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The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates is highly respected as a Florida law firm that has the experience and drive to achieve real results for clients. Scroll down to see what former clients have to say about our services.

If you are a former client, we’d like to know what you think of our legal representation and customer service. Please take a moment to review our firm online.

“From my heart, I want to thank Corey Cohen’s team. At a very difficult time in my life, I found Corey Cohen’s office and I am blessed to have hired him. It is inevitable not to cry writing these lines because they really helped me and they are the best lawyers I have found. Immediately I needed them, they answered me. Corey explained to me in a simple way that I could understand how he could help me and above all he gave me the peace and confidence I needed at the time. Every person in Corey’s office speaks to me in a human way, in which I feel valued. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone in this situation. They really care what one is living, I felt very hopeless but thanks to their humanity and professionalism, today I regained hope and I am happy for the help they gave me. Thank you for your warm and kind support throughout the whole process. I certainly recommend contacting Corey and his team.”


“Corey cohen is a throwback to the days when you could work with an attorney and have a personal one on one relationship and develop a successful ally in the community you could count on when having proper legal counsel can mitigate risk or improve outcomes on many different types of situations whenever legal contract , a pickle, or even basic things such as wills or property transfers need to be handled correctly by somebody with education experience and demeanor.

Throughout business and a few personal matters as well as growing up with family members in practice I’ve come to view that despite how many attorneys advertise and claim to be specialists in exclusive areas I think those blinders can often make one miss key parts of the law to situations due to a lack of understanding of the body as a whole. For anyone from the twenties to 40s especially, working with an attorney like Corey means you can find yourself an attorney for life whenever there’s trouble or fortune that needs to be handled correctly you can send out the Batman signal and he’ll be there.”



“I am a blessed veteran and even further blessed, that I had The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates represent me in my second DUI case. … Your first call should be to Corey Cohen associates for all your Criminal Defense needs.”


“Sooner or later we all will experience legal instructions or legal documents that may contain vague interpretations or views that will demand the help of a highly trained law firm that understands potential consequences if that language is not accurately revised, detailed in nature, or specifically describing instructions or actions thoroughly. I experienced such vague legal interpretations that demanded a more defined explanation. Mr. Cohen and his legal team not only agreed that a revision was recommended, but also addressed those concerns to the presiding Judge who fully agreed and offered the opposing party to contact her (Judge) by phone, if necessary if they continued to inaccurately make up their own instructions to now more simplistic and defined grammar. I would highly recommend Mr. Cohen with any legal concerns or when you are in need of the most qualified criminal defense attorney in Central Florida.”

Ron W.

“After receiving the call that my son had gone to jail, I was calling around to find a decent and reasonable attorney. I talked to several before talking to Corey’s office. None of them gave me a feeling like they would actually be able to help my son. I talked to Viviana and Rachel at Corey’s office. They both gave me that gut feeling like they actually cared. Then, once I talked to Corey, I knew that he was the attorney that my son needed. To me, first impressions are everything. I really got a great first impression from all three of them. He told me what he was going to try for at the court date. He did so much better that we could have ever imagined. I would recommend him to anyone that is need of an attorney. He also beat any other price that i was quoted, He is a man of his word with a lot of integrity. I hope that we never need another attorney, but if we do, it will definitely be Corey Cohen. Thank you so much to Corey and all of his staff for making a difficult situation more bearable.”


“I had a very high profile case that left me to assume I would be doing 15 years – life sentence. I felt more than hopeless. I thought I would never be able to get through this, and then I found Corey Cohen. From the very beginning, Mr. Cohen proved to be the best of the very best. He went to visit me in jail and did a free consultation out of the kindness of his heart when most lawyers charge anywhere from $200-$600 just to discuss your case. He gave me the very best advice, even when I did not confirm I was hiring him yet. Weeks went by, and I could not wait any longer. I HAD to hire Mr. Cohen. I thought I would not be able to afford a great lawyer like Mr. Cohen but he compromised so well with me. He set me a price I was actually able to afford. Mr. Cohen replied to every single one of my girlfriend’s emails, within minutes! He worked very quickly and diligently to bring my case to justice, and that is EXACTLY what he did. I thought my girlfriend and I were never going to be together again, and Mr. Cohen brought me home. My girlfriend and I started to struggle finding work once I was out of jail, and Mr. Cohen made his payments beyond affordable for us. His secretary, Martina, is one to thank as well. She is quick, smart, and beyond polite. She is one to be written down for the history books as one of the best secretary’s I have ever worked with. We are so internally grateful for Mr. Cohen and his office. There is no other law office in Florida better than this one.”

Cameron P.


“After having devastating news of a serious medical condition and then having a serious legal issue our world was upside down. Feeling hopeless and in despair we contacted Mr. Cohen’s office after an unsatisfactory experience with another attorney. This was a huge relief. Mr. Cohen was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. This provided us with an immediate feeling of relief that we were going to be Ok and that we could rest our minds at ease and focus on the serious health concerns we are facing. What a huge burden was lifted from our shoulders on that day meeting with Mr. Cohen who truly is a caring human being. His staff and especially Martina are very comforting, caring and supportive. So not only did we receive expert legal assistance with a serious matter but we also received caring and support so the best of all possible professional services. We would highly recommend Mr. Cohen and his staff as the place to go when the need is greatest. We are forever grateful for his help and intervention on our behalf. ”

Thankful client and family


“Mr. Cohen is amazing he works hard and fast to get things done! ME and my husband felt hopeless to the charges against him. Mr. Cohen assured us he would do everything possible to help us. Mr. Cohen answered all my emails and questions as soon as he could. I even got replies after the work day was over and as late as 10 at night to be reassured. Martina at the office is also amazing. She helps in any way she can and is also very reassuring. All charges were dismissed and my husband will be home today. Thank you so much Mr. Cohen. To have my husband home for the holidays means so much to our family!!! Mr. Cohen and his firm were not only extremely professional but result driven, supportive and kept communication on a daily basis. Having being falsely accused and summoned to appear in court- my family and I were anxious upset and we got right on top of hiring someone great to ensure this case was short lived and cleared immediately! His office assistant gave me his email on a Saturday after hearing my story (on his day OFF) and he immediately responded to my email within 15 minutes and ensured me he would be happy to take my case. He was in contact with me personally or via means of his legal assistant almost daily and made me feel at ease and confident that I was in good hands. He was a prosecutor in his career past and knows the way the system works. He built a professional client relationship with my family and self. He sent me all paper work of my dropped case within one week and I highly recommend hiring him if you want someone who cares and who hires people to care as much as him! Being a regional director for a corporation myself I know that no matter what industry we are in ; it is all result driven through hiring great people and creating great relationships with our clients/ customers and in my circumstance (hospitality) guests.”


“Amazing all the way around, worked with my situation and still continues to give me peace of mind. Being falsely arrested is a terrible thing to go through, especially when you really didn’t do anything wrong. We now live in a society overruled by terrorists with badges so it happens more than you think. This man is what legends are made of…intelligence is mightier than the sword. Thank you.”



“As far as the best attorney you can get, Corey is as good as they come. I’ve had him represent me where everyone else went to prison and I went home. His record speaks for itself. His knowledge from being a defense attorney and a state attorney gives him knowledge on how both sides work. Also the judges and state attorneys respect him very much. He knows the law. In my opinion he could charge twice as much per case and I would still be happy. And believe me I used a federal attorney….that charged 3 times what Corey did and the charge was nothing…..I got railroaded and felt taken advantage of. I would recommend Corey to anyone in need of representation without a doubt. Thanks.”




The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, P.A is hands down the best legal representation in Orlando and I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation for a criminal case. Mr. Cohen and his staff are very professional, polite, supportive and aggressive when it comes to handling and WINNING your case. Mr. Cohen has represented me in 5 different cases (misdemeanor and felony). All of my experiences with Corey and his staff have been excellent. One of many things I love about this great legal team is that Corey and his wonderful staff treat you like family and update you on everything that’s going on with your case from start to finish, no matter the case big or small Corey and his staff will give you nothing but the best and help you through the legal process step by step. Corey and his staff are excellent when it comes to giving you comfort and peace during a tough time. The Great experience starts as soon as you call the office, one of his wonderful assistants Tianna or Martina are very informative and always make sure they provide accurate and updated information about your case. In each of my 5 cases (all dropped or dismissed) Corey’s assistant Martina has been very helpful and supportive in helping me through all of my cases. She is wonderful when it comes to consistent updated communication about your case, and always respectful, polite and aggressive when it comes to getting a resolution to the case. Mr Cohen and his wonderful staff fight hard for you and will get you great results every time.”



“The Law Office of Corey Cohen, P.A is great because they work with you depending on your situation. Martina gave me a very informative free consultation on my cases each time, and also worked with me on payments plans to pay off Mr. Cohen. Mr Cohen is hands down the best legal representation out there and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone going through a legal issue. MR Cohen is a great lawyer and knows his law. Corey will give you peace as he fights your case.

I had what I thought was a hopeless case. I’d been falsely accused of a crime, and arrested. Mr. Cohen was able to get all the charges dropped. Throughout the process, Mr. Cohen’s staff, especially the incredible Martina, helped keep me and keep my spirits up throughout this very stressful time. Mr. Cohen is the best! I’d recommend Mr. Cohen to everyone!”



“…I really wanted to thank you for all of your work on my case. I know the delays and legal congestion in the Orange court system were frustrating for you and us but you stayed on top of the case and the delays actually worked in our favor. We all wanted you to know that we appreciate the prompt motions and appearances and I am going to write a review for you, along with my wife, saying so. Thank you again for all your help and I want you to know I really , really appreciate it personally. This gives me a second chance to really have the life and marriage I wanted.”



“There are times where good deeds go unnoticed but in this case I will not allow that to happen. We must say that Mr. Cohen was absolutely marvelous to work with. We have worked with other counsel in the past but never anyone as diligent and on top of things as he was. Anytime we had a question his office and himself would be on the case. There was no loophole for communications. We had contact directly with him back and forth at all times, no matter the time. He was very professional. If we had a question he would take less than 24 hours to reply, most times were actually right away.

He managed to get our loved ones’ case dismissed and it was not an easy process. From day one he was on the case. We did not have to wait long at all and we had all of our court dates within a couple of weeks. It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone as who shows concern for his clients and their loved ones and he did just that.

We appreciate all that you did for us and will definitely recommend Mr. Cohen to anyone who find themselves in a difficult situation. He has helped our circle time and time again. He fights for you and more people need to follow his example.”

Eternally Grateful,
The “O” Family


“Corey is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. When I needed an attorney I called his office and his staff took my information and he contacted me immediately. Once speaking to him he explained the whole process and what I should expect. Corey never dropped the ball he kept me informed throughout the entire procedure and answered my emails and calls timely. Since Corey had been a former prosecutor I felt this was a definite advantage. I always felt I was in very good hands with him. What I especially liked about Corey was his ability to remain calm in what was a crisis situation to me. Corey is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods. He will work day or night for you, trust me this is not the case with all lawyers. Thanks to Corey my case was dropped. I highly recommend Corey.”



“I am writing this with the sole purpose to share and express my gratitude toward Attorney, Corey Cohen, and his entire staff. I was given a notice to appear from a local retailer, in which I was listed with a misdemeanor of Petit Theft, over $100. Due to my profession, in which I worked extremely hard to earn and have had a career of over 12 years with the State, I was terribly distraught that this would end all I have worked for and all I can do as a professional. After making several calls to different attorneys immediately after the charge, only ONE attorney responded within 10 minutes of my initial call. We instantly set up a meeting for a consultation as soon as possible, which was set for the following Monday. Mr. Cohen contacted me that Friday morning, letting me know that is afternoon had been cleared and he was more than willing to stay at his office if I was able to see him then. I already knew that he would be the lawyer I retain for my case due to his instant responses and commitment to getting to work ASAP, so that I may relax and calm my nerves about the possibility of losing my license. In our first meeting, I was greeted by his extremely kind and friendly secretary. Mr. Cohen and his employees treated me with respect and understanding, with the feeling of no judgment being passed onto me. I left feeling much more calm and knowing I was in the RIGHT hands of Mr. Cohen and his office. My messages were immediately answered whether it was far after hours or on weekends. He worked quickly to help get my case resolved and closed, without causing any damage to my State License. I highly recommend Attorney, Corey Cohen, for any legal issues that a person may be facing. You too will be in good hands that work with you, for you and next to you.

Thank you Mr. Cohen and Staff again for helping me get through this rough patch of my life.”

A Very Grateful Client

Orlando, FL.


“I would highly recommend Corey Cohen to anyone needing legal assistance. I personally found myself in a very difficult and scary situation and chose to go with the aid of Corey Cohen per testimonials just like this. The testimonials you read are true and meant with sincerity.

Corey was honest and upfront when I spoke to him about my situation. I had MANY questions and was very worried. He always answered my questions the same day and within hours, if not minutes. Each member of the office staff is so kind and you will truly know they care about helping you, as does Corey.

I couldn’t be happier with how my rough situation turned out….a dismissal by the state. I thank Corey and his entire team and believe you will be nothing but happy with his services.”



“Mr. Cohen is thoroughly knowledgeable in maneuvering the criminal defense system very quickly. We used his services on a 2nd event. I really wish we had used his excellent services the first time around and I believe there wouldn’t have been any 2nd follow-up situation. We had a person being transferred from one state back to Florida and not knowing the time frame of his arrival, Mr. Cohen had his case filed, and closed in 3 days after my loved one’s arrival. I couldn’t have asked for any better or faster service!

The office also went to great lengths to help me as an out-of-state mother by allowing us to send incidentals for my loved one for when he was released and allowed to return home.

I also formerly worked in a law office and know that some attorneys can charge you for every phone call, every contact with you. We paid a flat fee for our situation and I felt extremely relieved. Every question that I emailed was returned with an answer, and I knew, as a worried mother, that I wouldn’t be charged for asking.

Attorney Cohen should have been our first choice the first time, no doubt! I would refer him to anybody as a defense attorney as he knows the system very well!”



“Corey Cohen did a great job representing me in my case. He was very thorough and professional and held my hand throughout this entire process. He told me the worst that could happen, the best that could happen and what he thought would happen. He answered all of my questions and brought order to a very chaotic situation. This brought a tremendous comfort to me.

His diligence ultimately resulted in my case being dismissed, which was his best case scenario.

His admin Martina is very sweet and helped me deal with the stress of the situation. She is extremely personable and helped me feel I was dealing with people who cared about me. His legal assistant Tiana was also very professional and was extremely helpful with my case. I could not be happier with the way Corey Cohen handled everything. From the initial bail to the ultimate resolution of my case he was there by my side the entire time. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.”



Professional profiles with reviews and testimonials from clients regarding my legal services.