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Alleged Orlando fraudulent check operation leads to 17 arrests

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2013 | White Collar Crime

Most are likely aware that consequences for violent crimes can be serious. Not all may be aware that convictions for nonviolent crimes such as those considered as white collar, can also result in a serious outcome. This is largely due to the fact that such crimes are considered to be federal crimes. Historically consequences for federal crimes are quite harsh regardless of the nature of the alleged crime.

White collar crimes can encompass a variety of activities. In addition to not involving violence, what they have in common is that those who are perpetrating the crime are doing so for monetary gain. In some cases it is possible that someone may be engaging in an activity constituting white collar crime without even realizing it.

Recently, 17 individuals in the Orlando area were arrested for their alleged participation in a fraudulent check operation. According to those with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the individuals involved in the ring made more than $500,000 through purchases made at stores throughout the state. This was reportedly accomplished by returning the items purchased with the fraudulent checks, for cash or gift cards.

An investigation lasting around two years led to the arrests for bank fraud.

Some may believe that being charged with a federal criminal charge is the end of the story. While it is true that the United States’ government has the resources to aggressively prosecute white collar crimes, because a conviction can result in fines and even long prison sentences, it is still important to mount a vigorous defense. The first step toward this is contacting a lawyer in a timely manner.

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