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Trustworthy Criminal Defense When You Need It Most

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we have handled thousands of criminal cases and other legal matters, helping people throughout the Orlando area protect their legal rights and best interests. Let us put our skills to work for you, too.

Our Orlando law firm has a clear mission: We will get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed whenever possible while minimizing any negative effects that come with an arrest. Led by founding lawyer Corey I. Cohen, our team consists of a former prosecutor for the Office of the State Attorney, board-certified attorneys and a former judge. Corey Cohen and Associates handle all types of serious felony and misdemeanor charges.

We also work on select personal injury cases. Call 407-680-2093 for a free consultation today.

There Is No Criminal Case We Cannot Handle

Whether you have already been arrested or you have learned you are under investigation, it is important that you act quickly. We have built a lengthy, proven track record of success in the following types of cases, among others:

  • Violent offenses: Whether you are accused of first-degree murder, kidnapping, domestic violence, assault or any other violent crime, we have the in-depth skill you need to fight the charges.
  • Drug crimes: Florida aggressively prosecutes all types of drug offenses. From possessing a small amount of marijuana to accusations of large-scale trafficking, we can defend your rights.
  • DUI and DWI: If you were arrested for drunk driving, you also will be looking at the loss of driving privileges, which can affect your ability to work. Get our lawyers on your side right away.
  • White collar crimes: No case is too complex for us. Whether you were charged with insurance fraud, money laundering, conspiracy or any other white collar offense, we have the experience you need.
  • Sex offenses: Charges like rape or possession of child pornography require an aggressive defense, which we are ready to provide for you.
  • Theft-related crimes: Whether you are accused of shoplifting or grand theft auto, contact us for help.
  • Traffic violations: We handle everything from reckless driving to driving with a suspended license.
  • Juvenile offenses: We care about the future of teens and college students. We will be your strong advocate in everything from underage drinking to murder.
  • Municipal and county ordinance violations
    • Disorderly conduct: We represent people charged after bar fights, disputes between neighbors and similar altercations.
    • Indecent conduct
    • Interference with emergency vehicles
    • Cruelty to animals
    • Alcohol-related offenses
  • Probation issues: If you are accused of violating your probation, you could be facing even harsher consequences. We will provide a fast response.
  • Record sealing or expungement: It may be possible to get your criminal record hidden or wiped clean. Learn how.
  • Personal injury claims: Our firm fights on behalf of accident victims, helping them recover the compensation they need.

Our firm is dedicated to you and ready to answer all your questions about the legal challenges ahead of you.

The Right To Remain Silent When Questioned By Police

You must remember that you have the right to remain silent. This is possibly the most important right you have in the face of a police investigation. If the police arrest you, speaking to them can make the situation worse. If the police try to ask you to clear up some confusion, it can make the situation worse.

You have been taught to be helpful to police, but that is almost always going to end up worse for you. Staying silent and asking for legal representation is the first step to protecting your freedom and future.

When Can Police Search My Home Or Car?

Police can search your home or car under two conditions. The first scenario is if they have a warrant, signed by a judge. Police acquiring a warrant must present evidence to the judge of the likelihood of evidence that a crime was committed. This is a major part of an investigation, but warrants are limited in scope, and it is always wise to review any warrant the police present you.

The second scenario in which police may conduct a search is if they have probable cause. Probable cause means they have a strong suspicion of criminal activity. Police have wide authority to conduct searches provided there is probable cause, but that authority is not limitless. If you are facing a search, the wisest course of action is to stand back and take notes, staying silent and contacting legal counsel immediately.

First Contact With Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Your first contact with a defense attorney should be as soon as possible after police have arrested you or talked to you. If you are calling from jail or lockup, it is vital to provide your attorney with everything you know about your charges and the police department. Finally, once you’ve made contact with representation, let the attorney take the lead. Discuss only what the attorney asks, answer only their questions, volunteer no information. There is always a strong chance that police may be monitoring your call, and they have no problem with using your words against you.

“I had a high-profile case that was highly misrepresented through the media. I was looking at 30+ years of prison time. From the moment I met Mr. Cohen, his attitude and demeanor reassured me that my life wasn’t over. He took full control of the case and never for a second gave up on me. He has the book smarts that a lawyer needs, but more importantly, he is cunning and practical in his defense. He is always available via email, and we met in person about once a month for in-depth talks. He worked with my financial situation and it was never an issue to change payment dates, or move things around. He was able to get all of my major criminal charges dropped, and we worked out a plea for the lesser ones, which for my situation was best case scenario. My first lawyer said “You are definitely going to do some jail time” At which point I fired him and hired Corey. Best decision I ever made… no jail time for me. If you made some bad decisions and need a second chance, Corey Cohen is your guy.” Jason

Putting Our Experience To Work For You

We have more than 30 years of combined experience protecting individuals in Orlando and throughout the region against capital charges. Our principal attorney is a former prosecutor. We have a thorough understanding of how the opposition pursues murder offenses. And we have a thorough understanding of how to cast doubt on their arguments.

Our firm possesses the knowledge to challenge evidence taken from a full spectrum of sources, including:

  • Toxicology reports
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GS-MS — often used in drug tests)
  • DNA samples
  • Gunshot residue
  • Computer and cellphone records
  • Pathology and autopsy reports
  • Fingerprints

We work with investigators, forensics and other subject matter experts, assembling an array of witnesses to support your case. Indeed, when you retain our firm, you are not hiring a lone practitioner, but a team of professionals with experience that is difficult to match. Our only aim is to get the possible result in your case, and we are tireless in our efforts to achieve this.

It Costs You Nothing To Talk With An Experienced Attorney Today

When your freedom and reputation are at stake, call 407-680-2093 today, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates.

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