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Defending Against Child Abuse Charges

Aside from jail time or losing the right to own a firearm, there are other potentially devastating consequences you may face if convicted of child abuse, including having your child visitation rights being revoked. Moreover, the stigma of being accused of family violence can permanently damage your reputation among family members, friends and the rest of the community.

The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates stands ready to help you during this difficult and stressful time. We understand what is at stake and how the penalties associated with child abuse can affect every aspect of your life. We offer experienced and aggressive legal assistance to people facing any type of criminal charge related to child abuse or neglect in Florida.

Orlando lawyer Corey I. Cohen has worked both as a criminal defense attorney and as a prosecutor. He and our team of defense attorneys provide the experienced, effective legal help you need following allegations, an arrest or charges of child abuse. Call 407-680-2093..

Committed To Protecting Your Rights, Freedom And Reputation

Our office routinely defends people who are facing charges related to child abuse and neglect such as:

  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Sexual offenses
  • Kidnapping

Any incident involving domestic violence that involves a child can result in a “no-contact” order being issued by a judge as well as the loss of temporary custody and the right to enter and reside in your own home. We will work hard to prevent this from happening and build a strong case that explains your side of the story.

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