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Orlando Trial Lawyers Defending Against Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Bankruptcy serves as a means to an end. It provides individuals and businesses a fresh financial start. The process is complex, with numerous laws that were changed several years ago. A “do-it-yourself” approach sometimes results in misunderstandings that lead to bankruptcy fraud criminal charges.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we zealously represent our clients facing federal felony charges of bankruptcy fraud, as well as mail and/or wire fraud if material was electronically transmitted or mailed. The defense process starts with an initial consultation where one of our experienced attorneys will get all the information from you and educate you on the process you face. Our founder, Corey I. Cohen, is a member of the federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel for the Middle District of Florida. His depth and breadth of knowledge has helped build our effective fraud defense practice to the effective advocacy operation that it is today.

Orlando Bankruptcy Fraud Defense Attorneys

The moment you are aware of an investigation or immediately following an arrest on suspicion of bankruptcy fraud, take action and secure qualified and knowledgeable legal counsel. Our founder — Corey I. Cohen — combines his experience and legal acumen with insight as a former prosecutor. Regardless of the criminal accusations, he knows how the opposing side builds complex criminal cases. Our entire fraud defense team has a strong track record.

Bankruptcy courts will go through documentation with attention to every detail. The process is complicated and requires legal help. Filing for a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 without a bankruptcy attorney may seem to save money, but it often results in serious consequences. The smallest mistakes or oversights can turn a bankruptcy case into criminal fraud charges in federal court.

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