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A DUI is a very serious charge. You could face loss of your driving privileges, large fines, probation, extended suspension of your license or jail time. In addition, you may pay higher rates for auto insurance or lose your coverage. Because a DUI conviction is not expungeable, it will remain on your record for life and may also prevent you from getting certain jobs.

But a DUI charge is not an automatic conviction. There are defenses to drunk driving charges, and The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates can help you explore every one. As a former state prosecutor who has defended and prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving cases, DUI defense lawyer Corey Cohen founded this Orlando law practice on a strong base of knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team of defense attorneys can give your DUI case a distinct competitive advantage.

Know Your Rights During a Traffic Stop. Read Our White Paper on Breath Tests.

The Right Defense Attorney Can Make The Difference

When your freedom and future are on the line, you want an attorney who has handled numerous DUIs and stays current with the constantly changing DUI laws in Florida.

Choose Corey I. Cohen & Associates. Attorney Cohen has been named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” in Florida criminal defense by The National Trial Lawyers, and he has been recognized by numerous other legal organizations. Overall, our well-prepared defense lawyers have a track record of success and recognition. Our team includes board certified criminal defense attorneys.

Call 407-680-2093 now for a free consultation. We have the experience to help fight these charges. Depending on the circumstances we may have the opportunity get them reduced or dismissed outright.

Don’t Wait, Or You May Lose Your License And Face Other Problems

Many DUI deadlines can be easily overlooked such as contesting the suspension of your driver’s license. If you or your lawyer misses these deadlines, you may waive your legal rights and set yourself up for serious penalties such as:

  • At least 180 days driver’s license suspension
  • $500 to $5,000 in fines (and more for aggravated DUI)
  • Imprisonment for up to five years (fourth conviction DUI)
  • Probation
  • Impoundment of your car for at least 10 days
  • Mandatory community service
  • A criminal record

Our defense lawyers at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates know the deadlines and what is at stake. They will act quickly to ensure your rights are protected in both your DHSMV license suspension hearing and your criminal drunk driving case.

Attacking Your Drunk Driving Case, Defending Your Future

When our attorneys take a DUI case, they attack it. They will do everything they can to pick your case apart and find the best defenses available to you. Questions they will ask include:

  • Did police officers act appropriately during your DUI stop?
  • Was their search legal? Was your arrest legal?
  • Was your breathalyzer test result inaccurate? Did officers properly perform your field sobriety test?
  • Was the DUI blood test evidence properly handled in the chain of custody?
  • Did your BAC increase between the time of your traffic stop, and your breath or blood test?

Even when clear defenses are not available, it may be possible to negotiate a better resolution to your case. When you hire us, we will do everything possible to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license at the DMV hearing, and we will aggressively work to have your charges reduced or dismissed in criminal court.

We will thoroughly investigate all the circumstances and details that led to your arrest; we can identify all mistakes in police procedure and build a defense strategy based on the unique issues of your case. We will also lessen your stress by educating you regarding the legal process and your rights.

Are You Thinking Of Representing Yourself?

It is surprisingly common for a person facing a DUI charge to decide not to get legal help. Do not make this mistake. A DUI arrest is not just another traffic violation citation. If you do not respond to your charge promptly, then in just 10 days, you will lose your right to appeal the six- to 12-month automatic suspension of your driver’s license. You will also eventually miss the chance to pursue a pretrial diversion or seek to have your charges dismissed, which would then allow you to have your record sealed and expunged.

No Matter How Challenging Your Case, We Can Help

Most DUI cases we accept are challenging. Perhaps you are convinced you were drunk at the time of your arrest. Maybe you are worried about attorney’s fees. Maybe you believe that pleading guilty will allow you to “move on.”

We fight DUI charges from many directions, and can question police procedures and tactics, and the accuracy of breath test machines. We are careful to control costs and keep you informed of how much each option will likely cost.

Our team includes board certified criminal defense lawyers. Let the experienced attorneys of The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates & Associates fight for you after a DUI arrest. For a free consultation with one of our lawyers in Orlando, call 407-680-2093, or email our law firm.

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