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Charged With Kidnapping Or False Imprisonment?

If you are accused of false imprisonment or kidnapping, act quickly to secure help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. The allegations against you could be life-changing, making prison time a real possibility.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we focus exclusively on criminal defense. Our founding attorney, Corey I. Cohen, is a seasoned professional prepared to develop an aggressive defense strategy. Before starting this law firm, Mr. Cohen was a public defender and state prosecutor in Florida. He leads our team of defense lawyers with a clear understanding of the steps prosecutors are likely taking in developing a case against you. An experienced lawyer from our firm is prepared to challenge the prosecution, while seeking to preserve your civil rights.

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Developing A Strong Defense Strategy

Allegations of false imprisonment often stem from emotional disputes between family members. A lack of witness reports can make these cases particularly challenging based on contradictory details and even false statements. Our law firm is prepared to overcome any challenges. We have defended clients facing serious felony charges, including:

We will act quickly to make sure the crime allegedly committed fits the charges against you. By definition, kidnapping is when someone forcibly takes another individual a considerable distance. False imprisonment includes preventing hostages from leaving a room or a house.

We will start our defense strategy focused on determining if the action was severe enough to be considered kidnapping. If the plaintiff’s story changed from the initial report, we will work to uncover any contradictions or false statements.

Negotiating The Charges Down

We will investigate the circumstances behind your arrest to understand if law enforcement made an illegal search and seizure. We will also fight a dismissal or reduction in charges if police officers made procedural errors or violated your civil rights. In some circumstances, we are able to negotiate a kidnapping charge down to false imprisonment, requiring less severe penalties.

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