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Charged With Any Kind Of Theft Crime?

Have you been arrested, or are you under investigation, for any crime involving theft — including credit card fraud, check fraud, shoplifting or grand theft auto?

Without an aggressive criminal defense attorney protecting your rights, you run the risk of being easily convicted for a crime of dishonesty that will remain as a black mark on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Your career options will be affected, and your very freedom may be at stake.

How Does Florida Define Theft?

Here is the definition that the state of Florida uses to define theft: a person knowingly obtains or uses the property of someone else. Essentially, whether it is temporary or permanent, taking something that belongs to another is theft. The state ties the severity of a theft charge to the value of what was stolen, with more higher value items being facing more serious penalties.

However, no matter your circumstances or your charges, you can turn to the experienced defense team at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates. Based in Orlando, we offer strong and intelligent representation to teens, college students attending the University of Central Florida (UCF), local residents and out-of-state visitors — defending our clients against a complete range of theft-related criminal charges. These include:

Our goal in every case is to minimize the potential negative impact of your involvement in the criminal justice system.

Forcing The Prosecution To Prove Its Case Point By Point

Our job as your advocate is to make the prosecuting attorney prove the case against you — and if they can’t, then you deserve a dismissal or at least a charge for a lesser criminal offense. To this end, we will conduct an independent investigation into the charges against you — reviewing all available evidence and interviewing all witnesses.

For example, in retail theft cases, we will find the answers to questions such as: Is there a recording of the events? Can the store employee accurately identify you as the person caught stealing? Did you actually leave the store with merchandise? Did you actually intend to purchase the merchandise but forget to pay for it?

In auto theft cases, we ask questions like: Did you actually steal the car? Did you know the car was stolen? Did you actually intend to borrow and return the car?

In the process of uncovering the answers to questions like these, we are set to build your defense and discover the best way to protect your freedom and keep your record clean.

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