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Defending You Against Stalking Charges

Has a spouse, former spouse, partner, ex or other person accused you of harassment or stalking? Under Florida law, stalking can be a serious charge resulting in significant jail time. An effective defense of the charges is therefore critical.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we have handled the defense of numerous domestic violence, battery and other violent crimes. Our founder, attorney Corey I. Cohen, is a former prosecutor. In that role, Mr. Cohen investigated numerous stalking cases and prepared stalking cases for negotiations and managed trials from the other side of the law.

We are knowledgeable regarding how state lawyers will work in pursuit of your conviction, and we can provide an aggressive, strategic and effective defense.

Turn to The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates for experienced legal help following stalking charges. Call 407-680-2093.

Whether Online Or Offline, It’s Illegal

Stalking charges usually result from the willful and repeated following or harassment of another. Stalking can also occur online through “cyberstalking.” Both online and offline stalking are illegal. While most stalking charges are misdemeanors, even misdemeanor stalking can bring a year in prison.

Felony stalking charges can bring up to five years in prison, and usually result from “aggravated” circumstances like the stalking of a minor, a pre-existing court injunction against the accused or a pre-existing stalking conviction. For more information regarding stalking laws in Florida, and for a no-charge consultation regarding stalking charges, please contact our firm.

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