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Orlando Defense Lawyers: False Accusations

To an unusual degree, sex crime charges bring the possibility of confusion and false accusations. Children’s testimony is protected and therefore subject to manipulation and misunderstanding. Alleged sexual abuse victims are often confused regarding what actually happened. And when the alleged abuser was a spouse or partner, the motives of the alleged victim are often suspect.

Have you been accused of battery, molestation, rape or a sex crime against a child in Florida? Do you believe the charges are false and that you are innocent?

Contact The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates in Orlando. We are highly qualified to provide an aggressive, knowledgeable and strategic defense:

  • Attorney Corey I. Cohen is experienced as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor.
  • His team of defense attorneys applies the knowledge and experience this law firm has accumulated for the benefit of every client.
  • We have achieved favorable outcomes for countless state and federal sex crime cases.

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The majority of alleged sex crimes are not witnessed. A thorough investigation, then, is essential.

We can interview the alleged victim and others. Are the allegations a “cry for help” in another area of life? Does the victim wish to recant upon reflection of what really occurred?

We can also work to uncover the truth regarding children’s testimony. In their efforts to shield children, prosecutors may alter and affect a child’s account of an incident.

We also work with clients accused of the crime of perjury when they are charged with lying about an alleged sex crime. For more information, please contact our office.

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