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Orlando Defense Attorney Handling Bank Robbery Charges

Because nearly all banks, credit unions, and savings and loans are federally insured, bank robbery is a federal offense. This means if you are charged with bank robbery, you will have to battle the federal government’s resources, including its aggressive and experienced prosecutors.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we know how to fight federal prosecutors. Our principal attorneys are former state prosecutors. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience you need when you are facing serious criminal charges. For a free consultation with an Orlando bank robbery lawyer, call 407-680-2093 or 407-680-2093, or contact us online.

A Serious Charge With Severe Penalties

Bank robbery may be charged as a class A, B or C felony, depending on whether violence or weapons were used, whether anyone was injured and how much money was taken. Even if no weapon was involved in the robbery, you could face prison sentences ranging from one to 10 years.

A conviction for any federal criminal charge has the potential for serious consequences, including lengthy prison sentences. When the crime involves a weapons charge, the penalties will likely be increased.

You need a defense lawyer with the ability to negotiate with the prosecution for reduced charges and sentencing. While we will work to disprove the government’s case against you, negotiation is often an important part of the equation. As former prosecutors, our attorneys understand what types of issues the prosecution may be willing to discuss, and perhaps use, to reduce or dismiss the charges.

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