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Less Than 20 Grams Of Marijuana Still Carries Penalties

Florida law enforcement is cracking down on drug charges. The consequences are severe, and you are not immune to them just because your charge involves marijuana. Even the smallest amount of marijuana can mean jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension and a criminal record.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney who will aggressively pursue the best option for your particular case is key to your future. The rest of your life is at stake here.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, in Orlando, Florida, our drug charge defense attorneys have helped hundreds of clients throughout Florida with their drug cases. As a former public defender and former state prosecutor, the founder of our firm, attorney Corey I. Cohen, has firsthand knowledge of the prosecution’s strategies. This is a firm foundation of our defense practice that can be a unique advantage in any client’s marijuana case.

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Charged With Possession Of Less Than 20 Grams Of Marijuana?

The amount of marijuana that is found on your person at the time of your arrest is a huge factor in the potential criminal consequences you face. If the amount of marijuana in question is less than 20 grams, then you will be charged with a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor drug charge carries with it up to one year of jail time, one year of probation or $1,000 in fines as well as a two-year driver’s license suspension

If this is your first charge, we can negotiate to seek a reduction in the charges and alternative sentencing such as drug counseling or community service. In any case, we seek the best possible result for your specific marijuana charge, whether dismissal or acquittal.

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