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It happens all the time in Florida. A college student from the University of Central Florida (UCF) or an out-of-state college or high school student on spring break uses a fake ID to get into a nightclub in Florida or purchase alcohol from a liquor store. They do not take into account that there is an undercover cop who is focused on finding and arresting minors who are drinking underage or who are using fake IDs, especially tourists.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we have considerable experience representing minors who have been accused of underage drinking, using a fake ID, first-time DUI or other juvenile crimes. This includes representing students in school disciplinary hearings at Orlando area colleges like UCF, Stetson, USF, Rollins College, and more. We also regularly represent tourists who have been arrested, released and have returned to their home state.

As a former public defender and state prosecutor who has defended and prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving cases, Orlando DUI defense lawyer Corey Cohen has the experience and training in DUI cases necessary to give you a competitive advantage.

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Attorney Corey I. Cohen is a young, hardworking, compassionate and skilled defense lawyer who cares about his clients’ underage drinking cases and their futures. He has trained our defense lawyers in how to overcome tough issues in underage drinking cases. As a former Florida prosecutor and public defender, he knows how to deal with the prosecution. Defense attorneys at our firm have the credibility to help negotiate favorable outcomes due to a reputation for aggressive, ethical practice of the law.

We have represented young men and women who were enjoying theme parks such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. When choosing your attorney, select one with experience and a proven track record of defending minors against underage drinking and fake ID charges.

Seek Dismissal or Pretrial Diversion

There are opportunities along the way to trial to negotiate with a prosecutor. We are adept at using each of these to your advantage. If we cannot get your case dismissed, we seek to get clients admitted to a pretrial diversion program, which, if completed will result in your case being dismissed. We also help clients clear their records through a process called expungement. With your whole future ahead of you, it is wise to choose a lawyer who understands what you are up against and who can aggressively defend you.

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