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Orlando Defense Attorney for Cyberstalking Charges

Stalking no longer has to be a physical, on-site occurrence. Stalkers no longer have to lurk in bushes or hide in their cars. With the internet serving as a prominent form of communication and information-gathering, stalking has evolved into cyberstalking. Physical contact of any form is no longer a requirement, making cases more complex and often rife with mistakes that compromise the rights of the accused.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, our founder combines experience and success with a contemporary knowledge of ever-changing laws to lead and train our defense attorneys in areas like online stalking. Cyberstalking originated as the Internet grew to prominence in the 1990s and poses a threat to many people. As technology has advanced, laws have to be fine-tuned and changed to reflect the definition of cyberstalking.

Providing a Comprehensive Defense Against Criminal Charges

Threatening or offensive emails can be considered cyberstalking. Attempting to introduce a virus into another person’s computer can result in serious criminal charges. Unfounded and exaggerated rumors in an online forum can lead to an arrest.

Cyberstalking investigations often involve local and federal authorities, particularly if the alleged vicitim is in another state. Attorney Corey I. Cohen and our other defense lawyers provide immediate legal representation and protection of our clients’ rights. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Cohen knows how criminal cases are built from the other side. He imparts to our defense attorneys unique insights into how the opposing side litigates cases.

Corey Cohen and Associates attends to every detail of an investigation to identify rights violations and other issues that could result in charges being reduced or dismissed. Simply put, we fight for the best outcome when our clients’ futures are at stake.

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