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School Disciplinary Hearings

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Strong Advocates For Students Facing Disciplinary Action

When a high school or college student is accused of wrongdoing, it has a ripple effect. The student can be expelled, suspended or put on probation. The student can be stripped of scholarships and financial aid, or barred from participating in sports and activities. The black mark on their record can close doors on career paths and employment opportunities. The school’s investigation can also lead to referral for criminal prosecution.

Corey Cohen and Associates can intervene on behalf of students accused of crimes or misconduct. Our attorneys have represented students of Orange County Public Schools and college students from the University of Central Florida and Valencia College, as well as private colleges such as Rollins and Stetson.

We strongly assert your rights (or your son’s or daughter’s rights) in the academic hearing process. Our lawyers do everything possible to spare students from the harshest punishments and to protect their future. We can also represent students in the criminal justice system if they are arrested or charged with a crime.

School Disciplinary Hearings

Every school has its own rules and disciplinary process, from the Student Code of Conduct in the Orlando area K-12 schools to UCF’s “Golden Rule” policies. The lawyers of Corey Cohen and Associates are well-versed in the offenses, procedures and penalties of each institution. We have defended college students and high school kids facing disciplinary action for:

  • Assaults and fighting
  • Drug possession and underage drinking
  • Sexual harassment and sex offenses
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Computer and internet crimes
  • Academic fraud
  • Other criminal and noncriminal misconduct

Why You Need A Lawyer

When students are first notified of a code of conduct violation, they are urged to “come clean” and take their punishment. But this can be a big mistake. The school will not necessarily be lenient for confessing to the offense. In fact, that makes it easier for the school to suspend or expel students. Also, anything you say to the discipline counselor or investigators is not privileged information and can directly lead to being arrested and charged with a crime.

There is a right time and a wrong time to admit to the conduct. Talk to a lawyer first to understand your legal options and all the possible consequences for your educational career and your future. The administrative hearing is the opportunity to tell your side of the story and assert your defenses. Our attorney will be there with you to speak to the hearing officer(s) on your behalf or advise you what to say and not say.

If you are found in violation after a hearing, we will suggest appropriate sanctions or fight an overly harsh action such as suspension or expulsion. If you are also facing criminal charges, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you deal with that separate legal process.

We Stand Up For Your Rights And Your Future

While college disciplinary boards and school administrators have considerable power, students do not leave their rights at the front gate. Our legal team has the experience to protect your rights and negotiate the most favorable outcome. We provide a free initial consultation. Call our Orlando firm at 407-246-0066 or toll-free at 888-390-8937, or contact us online.