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In Your Defense When You Face Armed Robbery Charges

There are different types of robbery in Florida: Robbery by sudden snatching, robbery without a weapon, robbery with a weapon and robbery with a firearm. Robbery with a firearm is the most serious type and is a first-degree felony that is punishable by life in prison.

If you are charged for robbery with a firearm you are not entitled to a bond and may be held in jail until your trial. We will hold a bond hearing on your behalf and do everything we can to get you a bond pending trial.

There are also minimum mandatory jail sentences on these charges. A minimum mandatory means that you have to serve your sentence day for day without any gain time or good behavior time. Therefore if your sentence is 10 years, you will serve the entire 10 years.

For robbery with a firearm there is a minimum 10-year mandatory sentence if the firearm was used in the commission of the felony.

If the firearm is fired but no one is hit there is a 20-year minimum sentence, and if someone is hit even if not killed there is a 30-year to life minimum mandatory sentence.

If you are an accomplice with someone who has a gun during a robbery, you may be facing these same minimum mandatory sentences.

It is important before you speak to the police or the state that you call for free legal advice. This can be the difference between you getting the charges dropped or getting a lenient sentence and spending the majority of your life in prison.

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You want to get an attorney who has taken these cases to trial before and has the experience you need on your side. Many times there may be DNA or other evidence that the state will use against you. Make sure you hire a lawyer who will fight for your rights.