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Criminal Defense against the Statewide Prosecutor

Have you been charged with a crime that is being handled by the statewide prosecutor? If so, hire the attorneys at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates to aggressively fight for you.

The Office of Statewide Prosecution handles criminal cases that occurred in two or more counties or cities in the state of Florida. The office works closely with local police agencies and federal agencies in prosecuting many crimes. The most common crimes that the office is pursuing are drug trafficking, human trafficking, organized fraud, RICO and other larger scale crimes.

All of these crimes carry very serious prison sentences; many have minimum mandatory ones which means the judge cannot go below the mandatory sentence.

The attorney general’s priority is the war on opioids. They are tough on anyone dealing heroin and fentanyl.

I received a target letter, should I respond?

Another thing people may receive is a letter from the Office of Statewide Prosecution called a target letter. This is to inform you that you are a target of criminal charges and it’s an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor about the case. Never speak to them without an attorney there with you. This is important because with an experienced defense lawyer advocating for you, sometimes you can avoid being arrested and prosecuted or many times the prosecutor may reduce or mitigate your charges if you meet with them early on.

If you are arrested or contacted by the statewide prosecutor call The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates & Associates right away.

We will fight for you and vigorously defend any claims against you or your family. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Corey Cohen has dealt with both sides of the law for many years and has been successful in fighting these cases for over a decade. Our talented team of defense attorneys works closely with him in pursuit of the best outcomes attainable for each client.

Our team includes defense lawyers who are board certified in criminal law.

Our attorneys work very hard on every case and work as a team to get you the best results possible. Do not take chances with your life and freedom. You need a defense attorney who has handled numerous statewide cases and can provide experienced and knowledgeable representation. Call The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates & Associates at 407-680-2093 or contact us online for a free initial consultation today.