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Charged With Heroin Possession? We Can Help

The growth of heroin use throughout the United States and in Orlando has motivated law enforcement to intensify their efforts against the drug. For that reason, you want to work with The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates when you are facing charges for heroin possession. At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, our lawyers’ depth of experience is critical to the challenge of protecting the rights of people facing criminal proceedings.

Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Our criminal defense team can provide you with the insights your defense needs. The attorneys know how prosecutors, judges and law enforcement operate in these kinds of cases. They can build a defense for you that incorporates these insights for your benefit.

We regularly defend clients against drug charges. For that reason, we can help you understand your rights and your options.

Many clients, unfortunately, do not understand they have rights at all. Before you make any decisions about your future, you want to make sure you are relying on the judgment of an experienced professional who understands how the criminal defense system works and how to best protect your rights.

Often, for instance, a heroin possession case is not merely a matter of guilty or not-guilty. It can also involve negotiations for lighter sentencing and the challenging of evidence against you before it even gets into court.

Will You Be Treated Fairly?

Ultimately, we work to protect your right to be treated fairly under the law. To learn more about how our firm can help you, schedule a no-charge initial consultation with us. You can contact us by email or by phone: 407-680-2093.

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