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Driving While License Suspended

Under Florida law, your driver’s license can be suspended for an amazing variety of reasons — from not paying child support or missing a court date, to being arrested for a DUI or for drug possession. If you continue driving while your license is suspended and you are caught by the police, the consequences can be extremely serious.

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Potential Criminal Penalties for Driving With a Suspended Driver’s License

If the police catch you driving with a suspended driver’s license, and if you are convicted, the consequences can be much worse than having your driver’s license suspended in the first place.

On a first offense, you can be sentenced to up to 60 days in jail. On a second offense, you can be sentenced to up to one year in jail. If you receive three convictions in less than five years, the crime can be charged as a felony. If convicted, you may have mandatory prison time and lifetime status as a convicted felon, and your driver’s license can be suspended for as long as five years.

If you pick up three (3) driving while license suspended charges within five (5) years you will be classified as an habitual traffic offender and lose your license for five years.

Criminal Defense and Administrative Appeal of Your Driver’s License Suspension

If you are arrested for driving with a suspended license, you need legal help in two different areas. First, you need a traffic crime defense lawyer to defend you against the criminal charge of driving with a suspended license. We will investigate the circumstances of the arrest to make sure the police had a proper reason to stop you in the first place. If not, then we may be able to get the arrest thrown out. Even if the stop was proper, we may be able to negotiate with the state attorney’s office for a lesser charge that will result in minimal penalties.

You will also need legal help with the Department of Motor Vehicles. We can appeal the suspension of your driver’s license and help get your record cleared up so that the amount of time your driver’s license is suspended — no matter the reason — is shortened.

Our overall goal is to get your driver’s license back so that you can be on the road again — legally, and without the worry that goes along with driving with a suspended license.

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