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Florida police suspect drug trafficking after traffic stop

Florida police arrest numerous people every year on suspicion of drug trafficking. Trafficking drugs of any kind, including cocaine, marijuana or heroin, is a serious offense that requires a serious defense. 

Recently, state police have come to believe a larger drug trafficking operation may be afoot after what appeared to be a regular traffic stop. In August of this year, the police pulled over a 21-year-old man. The stop took a turn when police discovered other items in the vehicle that suggested the man took part in trafficking, although it is unclear if the man operated independently or worked within a larger group. 

Punishment for possession of molly in Florida

In modern pop culture, Molly has the designation of a party drug. It has come up numerous times in television shows such as Workaholics, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Californication. While the portrayal often makes it seem harmless and the user will simply enter a euphoric state for a short amount of time, it can be dangerous. That is why there are severe punishments in Florida for anyone caught in possession of Molly

The reason why Molly generates hallucinations is due to the fact it causes a chemical reaction in the brain. Dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine interact in a specific manner to make users believe objects are there that are not actually present. Although people are prone to taking it at music festivals, it can carry significant consequences that can last with people for the rest of their lives. 

Former doctor receives sentence in drug trafficking charge

Drug trafficking is a serious criminal offense that can reach the federal level depending on the drugs possessed. A trafficking conviction can result in anywhere from three years to life in prison. 

One of the most significant convictions in recent memory occurred with a former Florida doctor, Barry Schultz. In July 2018, he received a conviction of 157 years in prison for trafficking illegal drugs. This comes on the heels of a previous conviction where he was found guilty of being responsible for one of his patients dying due to a drug overdose. 

Be careful about storing your prescription pills

If you are like many people, your life is messy sometimes. For example, maybe you take three types of prescription medications in addition to vitamins and supplements. To save space and to ensure you remember to take everything, you put the pills together in pillboxes labeled by day of the week.

However, you can get in legal trouble for storing prescription pills outside of their original containers. While it seems unlikely that police officers will come into your home and arrest you for this offense, it may surprise you to learn other ways that prescription pills can get you into trouble.

3 dangers of using and abusing heroin

There are many reasons that people use drugs, and two of the most common culprits are the opioid epidemic and addiction. Both of these factors have contributed to a resurgence in the popularity of heroin use—but this is one of the most dangerous drugs. 

Why exactly is heroin so dangerous, and what can happen from using it? There are a few answers to these questions, but ultimately, the following three are the primary reasons you should be concerned if you or somebody you love has become involved in heroin. Do not underestimate the destructive power of this or any other drug.

3 types of drug crimes and their meanings

Drugs are known to be a danger to public health, but unfortunately, there are still countless people manufacturing, selling and using narcotics. Whether you were caught with an ounce of marijuana or accused of involvement with a drug ring, you should know what kinds of charges might result and how to handle the situation. A conviction will disrupt your entire life, and you need to understand your case.

The following are three types of drug-related crimes and what you should know if you have been charged with them. Consulting with a legal representative is wise if you are facing criminal charges of any kind, but it is particularly prudent in cases involving drugs where the stakes may be high.

What happens if I get caught with heroin in Florida?

Heroin possession in Florida is a crime that law enforcement takes very seriously. However, the law is complex, and no two heroin possession charges are necessarily alike. 

Charges vary depending on how much heroin police found you in possession of, as well as other circumstances. It is important to understand the nature of your specific charges so you can be better informed as you move through the criminal justice system. You should consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney who works with heroin possession charges so you can build a strategic defense against your charges.

Will a drug charge go to state or federal court?

There are many differences between the outcome of a federal drug case and a state one. Perhaps the most significant is that a federal conviction will lead to a longer prison sentence. For example, a conviction in federal court for heroin possession is at least five years. 

You are much better off going to state court for a drug crime than a federal court. A conviction in federal court guarantees the crime will go down as a felony on your record. Under certain circumstances in state court, such as possession of a few grams of marijuana, it is possible you will only receive a misdemeanor, especially for a first offense. Certain conditions must be present for a drug crime in Florida to go to federal court.

Understanding the strict penalties for marijuana in Florida

It may seem to you that every couple of months, another state has legalized marijuana for recreational use, or decriminalized cannabis at the very least. With Florida being such an entertainment-centered state, you might think the law would be lenient toward those who favor marijuana. However, this is not the case. In fact, marijuana penalties in Florida are among the harshest in the nation.

Many states that have not yet legalized marijuana have decriminalized the use of small amounts, treating pot smoking as an infraction rather than a crime. Not so in Florida, where if you are caught with marijuana, you may face the following consequences:

  • A misdemeanor charge for possessing 20 grams or less of cannabis, including a fine and up to one year in jail
  • A felony charge for possessing between 20 grams and 25 pounds of marijuana, including a five years in prison and a $5,000 fine
  • Suspension of driver's license

Heroin charges and your rights in Orlando

As a part of the growing opioid crisis in the United States, arrests and charges for heroin possession are increasing as law enforcement steps up efforts to combat the problem. This means if you are a heroin user, your chances of being caught and charged with possession are likely much greater now than in the past.

If the police have arrested you for heroin possession in Orlando, you should know that you do have rights. A criminal defense attorney, especially one with former experience on the other side as a prosecutor, can help you understand your options. Here is some basic information about heroin charges in Florida and your rights.

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