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Man imprisoned on false charge of heroin trafficking

Imagine spending over a month in a jail cell for possession of laundry detergent. That is exactly what one Florida resident had to endure earlier this year.

The officer on duty attempted to pass off a large quantity of laundry soap as heroin, using it as evidence to initiate an arrest. This situation raises some important questions about your rights in an accusation as devastating as this one.  

Could the results of your Breathalyzer test be thrown out?

If law enforcement arrested you for DUI and used a Breathalyzer to measure your blood alcohol concentration level, how accurate were the results?

Breathalyzer testing can be inaccurate as an incident in Philadelphia illustrates, and that could mean a whole different outcome for your case.

Are shoppers unfairly targeted at the Target self-checkout line?

Target is a major retailer in Florida. The company has a strong anti-theft shoplifting policy. They aggressively prosecute people who appear to steal items from the store. Nowhere is this more apparent than the self-checkout line.

Every day, innocent shoppers bypass long lines to scan a few items at a convenient self-service kiosk. The process is simple. On this particular day, a female shopper is scanning the bar code on each item before placing them in a plastic bag at the side of the scanner. Her next-door neighbor walks by and stops to chat for a minute. The woman resumes processing her items. She uses a credit card in payment when she finishes scanning her purchases. The machine prints a receipt, and the customer begins to push her shopping cart towards the exit.

3 reasons you may want to skip the self-checkout line at Walmart

No one likes to wait in line, especially in Walmart. After wading through the throng of shoppers in narrow aisles, the last thing you want to do is wait in line behind them.

Enter the self-checkout solution. More stores in the Orlando metro-area have installed a section of checkout stations designed to keep customers moving. However, the self-checkout line comes with a price and it may include handcuffs. Consider these three reasons you should avoid scanning your groceries yourself.

Should you refuse to talk to police?

Your rights are important to you, but they are also important to all Americans. That is why most criminal defense attorneys practice law. Their sole professional mission is to protect the rights that preserve your freedom.

Regardless of the charges you might face, whether they involve violent crimes, drug trafficking or embezzlement, police officers and investigators tend to the same interrogation tactics. There is very little variation in the intent, but these inquiries may take many forms: both direct and indirect. Your best hope to deal with all of them is probably to remain silent. Here are some examples.

Signs a loved one is addicted to heroin

Heroin use is becoming more commonplace as the opioid epidemic spreads. According to an exclusive investigation by The Palm Beach Post, Florida ignited the national heroin crisis in 2011. The reporting shows that more and more drug users are turning to heroin. 

It can be scary to see heroin abuse being so widespread. The epidemic may directly affect you or your loved ones. If you have concerns about someone you know using or overdosing on heroin, it is vital to know the warning signs. 

Can a DUI impact medical licenses?

Despite intense campaigns, many people around Florida still choose to drink and drive. One Florida resident, who works for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, faced arrest after ramming his car into five other vehicles while intoxicated. 

Getting a DUI can impact your professional life, whether you work for Fire Rescue or work as an RN. Many people require a license to do their jobs, and in some cases, you can lose that license after a DUI arrest. Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals may not be able to work in our state after a DUI, so that is one more reason to never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. 

Heroin possession charges in Florida's opioid epidemic

Prior to the rampant opioid epidemic in the United States, heroin possession was a charge that people did not often hear about. Nowadays, however, this criminal charge has become far more prevalent due to the increased use of opioids.

As this epidemic continues to rage across the country, the scope of the problem of heroin possession charges is correspondingly increasing. In fact, it is not uncommon to find first-time offenders with no previous criminal record coming into the criminal justice system with heroin possession charges. This can understandably be a bewildering process for those facing charges. If you find yourself in this situation, you should not despair but rather inform yourself about the risks and consequences of heroin possession charges and how you can move forward with a strong defense.

An arrest for drunk driving is no laughing matter

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers must deal with drunk drivers every day and every night in the state of Florida.

Some incidents have their humorous side, such as the following two stories from the summer of 2018. Once drivers sober up, however, they find that a DUI charge is no laughing matter.

When drug charges land you in federal court

If you face allegations of drug crimes such as possession or trafficking, you may wonder whether you will end up in state or federal court and what the difference is between the two.

Florida and federal laws prohibit various types of drug offenses. In fact, a person accused of drug crimes can face both state and federal charges based on the same actions.

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