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What are the limitations of a hardship license in Florida?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | DUI

The ability to drive feels essential for maintaining a modern livelihood. Getting to work, fulfilling family obligations and accessing essential services all frequently require the use of a vehicle.

However, if your driver’s license is under suspension or revocation due to a DUI conviction, your only option may be to seek a hardship license. While a hardship license can be a lifeline for those facing license restrictions, it is important to recognize the limitations.

Limited scope of use

A hardship license in Florida is not a full restoration of driving privileges. It typically permits driving only to and from specified locations such as work, school, medical appointments and court-ordered programs. Any deviation from these approved destinations can result in further legal consequences.

Mandatory restrictions

Hardship licenses come with mandatory restrictions for use. These include the requirement for an ignition interlock device for certain offenses like DUI convictions. The installation and maintenance of an IID can be costly and cumbersome, adding to the burden on the individual seeking a hardship license.

Zero tolerance policy

Drivers holding a hardship license must adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. Any violation, including driving with even a trace amount of alcohol in your system, can lead to severe penalties.

Limited duration

Hardship licenses have an expiration date and are valid only for a specified period. Renewal of the hardship license may require demonstrating ongoing eligibility and compliance with all imposed restrictions.

Strict monitoring

Authorities closely monitor individuals with hardship licenses to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. Any deviation or violation can result in swift and severe consequences, potentially prolonging the period of license suspension or revocation.

If you find yourself without the privilege to drive following a criminal conviction, a hardship license can make all the difference in your ability to resume your daily life. By understanding and complying with the restrictions, you can confidently move on from an unfortunate situation.



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