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Can a DUI impact medical licenses?

Despite intense campaigns, many people around Florida still choose to drink and drive. One Florida resident, who works for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, faced arrest after ramming his car into five other vehicles while intoxicated. Getting a DUI can impact your...

BAC less than .08? It may still be a DUI

Police issue DUIs to keep drivers off the road who pose dangers to others and themselves. In many cases, the driver is clearly over the legal limit. Look at a recent situation in Florida where police arrested a man who claimed to have drunk too much Chardonnay in Cape...

Different field sobriety tests

The police arrest thousands of people in Florida every year for driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2013, police issued DUI traffic tickets to 49,776 drivers in Florida.Before making an arrest, a police officer may make the person perform various field...



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