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Will Florida police impound my vehicle after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Blog, DUI

Driving under the influence in Florida is a serious offense with significant consequences. One of the questions that might arise if you face a DUI charge is what will happen to your vehicle. Will the police impound it?

Understanding the details of Florida’s DUI laws can help you know what to expect regarding vehicle impoundment and what you need to do if it happens.

Vehicle impoundment procedures after a DUI

If the police arrest you for a DUI in Florida, they have the authority to impound or immobilize your vehicle. This action usually serves to prevent you from driving while your case is pending.

The length of time for the impoundment of your vehicle depends on the number of DUI offenses you have. If it is your first offense, they impound your vehicle for ten days. If it is your second offense within five years, it will be thirty days. For your third or subsequent offense within ten years, it will be ninety days.

However, the police may not impound your vehicle in certain situations. If your family has no other transportation, or if employees in your business use the vehicle, the impoundment may not occur.

Getting your vehicle back after impoundment

Once the impoundment period ends, you can retrieve your vehicle. You will likely need to pay fees related to towing and storage. These fees can vary, so make sure to check with the specific impound lot.

You must also provide proof of ownership and identification when retrieving your vehicle. Having the necessary documents on hand can help you avoid delays.

Facing a DUI charge in Florida is a serious matter, and understanding the implications for your vehicle is essential. The police may impound your vehicle, so you should know the procedures, potential exceptions and the process for retrieving your vehicle afterward.