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Orange County’s Operation Green Light helps drivers restore suspended licenses

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Blog, DUI

You are not alone if you find yourself with a suspended driver’s license. In the state of Florida, there are around two million drivers who have suspended licenses. Unfortunately, many of these suspensions come from an inability to pay fines or fees related to traffic violations.

If a driver cannot pay the original debt, the county can send the debt to collection agencies, where the fees increase. Losing your driver’s license can limit your earning potential while the costs build up. Fortunately, Operation Green Light seeks to help drivers return to the road.

What is Operation Green Light?

Operation Green Light requires counties to create a window where citizens can receive lower fees or help to pay their traffic or criminal fines so they can reinstate their licenses. During Operation Green Light, you do not have to pay the 25% collections surcharge. You may also qualify for a payment plan if you provide a down payment.

How do you become a part of Operation Green Light?

To make the most out of Operation Green Light, you must show up at the Orange County Courthouse during the week of the event. In 2023, the event took place on March 20-24. The court clerks will work with you to lower or waive any fees you owe to help you work towards a reinstated license.

Unfortunately, not all drivers can make it to the courthouse during Operation Green Light. If you miss the window, there may still be options available to restore or deal with a suspended license. An attorney can help you explore your various options.



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